In 2020, Beijing Subway began to upgrade its existing 109 vertical platform lifts (wheelchair elevators) and 52 stair climbers. Based on the conditions of the stations, Beijing Subway has also installed another 33 wheelchair elevators and seven stair climbers, which have all been put into operation. These new facilities ensure a better bearing capacity, smoother operation, and higher safety level, to guarantee accessible travel services for passengers with special needs.

Clear signs informing passengers of accessible services and service reservation hotlines have been set up in over 300 subway stations. Beijing Subway has also released processes for continuing accessible services and accepts passenger reservations to help people in need when they take the subway.

In addition to calling 96165 for reservations, passengers can also push the button of accessible services when arriving at the subway station. The staff from the station's central control room will come and help passengers enter the station. Beijing Subway has also established a continuing accessible service mechanism covering the whole subway network. After passengers who need accessible services enter the station, the staff will inform relevant staff in transfer stations and/or the passengers' intended destination station to offer continuing accessible services for passengers during the whole travel.

Some newly built ticketing offices have accessible service counters for more convenient communication between staff and passengers traveling in wheelchairs. Extra space for wheelchairs has been added to the trains. It is clearly marked with signs and safety belts are provided to guarantee the safety of passengers in wheelchairs. All stations have been equipped with ramps to ensure that passengers can get on and off the trains quickly and smoothly. In addition, some restrooms with accessible services also offer baby care facilities to ensure a more convenient trip for passengers traveling with babies. The interior space design of restrooms with accessible services is adjusted to provide more space for wheelchairs.

(Source: Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Daily)