When taking the escalator:

Passengers shall follow the safety instructions. Please hold the handrail, and do not lean on the panel of an escalator.

When taking the subway:

(I) Passengers shall stand in a queues when waiting for a train and shall not cross the security lines on the ground or lean on the platform doors.

(II) Please let the arriving passengers get off before you get on. You can get on the train from either side of the door. Please mind the gap between a train and the platform.

(III) When arriving at a terminal station, all passengers shall get off the train.

(IV) Passengers shall follow the instructions of the staff or use other means of transportation when the train is stopped from operation for any reason.


Prohibited behaviors: 

(I) Entering high-risk areas such as subway rails and tunnels;

(II) Placing or throwing obstacles onto the rails;

(III) Getting on or off the train when the door alarm bell rings or forcing the train or platform doors to open;

(IV) Using or activating the emergency or safety device under non-emergent circumstances;

(V) Staying or lying down for a long time in evacuation passageways or stacking items or setting up stall(s) in stations, trains, or evacuation passageways;

(VI) Going in the opposite direction on the escalator or passageway;

(VII) Any other behavior that may damage the normal operation of the rail transit.

Taking the subway in a proper manner:

Passengers are encouraged to offer their seats and help to the elderly and infirm as well as other people in need.
Passengers shall consciously maintain the general sanitation of stations and trains and follow the order when taking a train:

(I) It is prohibited to smoke (including e-cigarettes), spit, urinate and defecate, spit chewing gum, litter, or scribble inside the stations or trains.

(II) It is prohibited to take live poultry, cats, dogs (excluding police dogs or guide dogs), pets, or other animals that may affect the normal operation of the rail transit or other passengers.

(III) It is prohibited to make noise, play musical instruments or listen to music without headphones; 

(IV) Passengers are not allowed to occupy multiple seats or step on the seats in the stations or trains.

(V) Passengers are not allowed to carry items that can easily cause contamination or emit odors, unpacked fragile items, meat products that are not properly packaged, or other items that may affect public sanitation.

(VI) Passengers (excluding babies or ill people) are not allowed to eat or drink on the subway. 

(VII) Passengers are not allowed to post, stick, or hang up any items without approval. 

(VIII) Passengers are not allowed to promote products or engage in business activities in stations or trains. 

(IX) Passengers are not allowed to use folding bicycles, scooters, roller skates, or skateboards in stations or trains. Balloons are not allowed in stations or trains. 

(X) It is prohibited to damage facilities and devices on the rail transit premises. It is prohibited to move, cover, or stain warning signs, evacuation or direction indicators, or safety symbols.

In case of an emergency or accident, passengers shall keep calm and follow the instructions of the staff or the broadcasting to evacuate in an orderly manner. 

For any complaints about the safe operation services of the rail transit, passengers can report or submit complaints to the relevant operation units or the municipal transport authority.