► Form of applying for work permit for foreigners in China or letter of invitation for foreign experts to come to China

After completing the form online and printing it out, the applicant shall sign on it (photocopy or fax), affix the employer's official seal, and upload it to the system.

Certificate of no criminal record and certification documents: For Foreign High-end Talents (Category A), the commitment system shall be adopted.

► Originals of work contract, project contract, cooperation agreement or description of invitation by the inviter

Include the applicant's name, nationality, place of work, duration of work, content of work, and list all places of work and number of entries.

The employer's commitment to the authenticity of the invitation and the guarantee of the payment of fees in China.

► The applicant's passport or international travel documents

The information page on passport or international travel documents

► Other credentials that the issuing authority deems necessary (e.g. those who conform to Foreign High-end Talents (Category A) shall submit the relevant certificate).


1. All original materials and Chinese translations must be uploaded (in original color) to the management service system for foreigners working in China. 

All non-Chinese certification materials submitted must be provided along with Chinese translations and stamped with the official seal of the employer (except for a passport or international travel certificate). The reception authority or the decision-making authority may request the employer to submit a corrected version if there is any discrepancy between the Chinese translation and the original.

It is not necessary to submit paper materials to the acceptance window for verification. If the conditions and standards are met, the acceptance notice shall be printed online.

Preapproval period: Three working days (for preliminary review and reception) 

Processing period: 5 working days

Free of charge

1. In accordance with the requirements for Foreign High-End Talents (Category A) or the Notice on Further Improving Relevant Handling Procedures for the Short-Term Stay of Foreign Experts in China (No. 176 [2015] of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs), and all accompanying personnel shall fill in the application form.

2. The work shall be carried out according to the approved work period and shall not be postponed.

Hold Z visa, stay for no more than 30 days, do not apply for work type residence certificate, stay for more than 30 days; days (including 30 days), need to apply for work type residence certificate.

3. The applicant with the Invitation Letter for Foreign Experts in China who applies for F visa has no need to apply for a work-type residence permit after entering China.

4. For preapproval by the industry competent authority by law or those who are qualified for relevant accessible occupations, an approval document of the industry competent authority or a certificate of work qualification shall be provided.