Instructions on Application for L (Tourist) Visa for Foreigners

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Foreigners who come to China for travel.


1. Valid passport or other international travel documents.

2. VISA / STAY PERMIT / RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM with a recent 2-inch white background, bareheaded, and front-faced color photo.

3. Valid accommodation registration in Beijing.

4. Individual travelers shall submit their comprehensive and detailed travel plans and itineraries.

5. Group travelers shall provide the certification letter that expresses consent on their visa extension application issued by their host travel agency.


The application shall be completed in 7 working days upon the submission of complete application materials.

Time and Place of Acceptance

Exit and Entry Administration Service Center of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau: 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Saturday (Except statutory holidays)

See the Reminders for Visa/Stay Permit and Residence Permit Application for details of the acceptance time and place of each branch office.


1. The applicants shall go to the exit-entry administration of the public security organs to handle all the matters in person. If any unit or individual that is notified by the exit-entry administration of the public security organs for an interview fails to undergo the interview within the agreed time without justifiable reasons, they may not be issued the Visa/Stay Permit and Residence Permit according to the law. The decision made by the exit-entry administration of the public security organs on rejecting the applications for extension, renewal or reissuance of ordinary visa or on not issuing foreigners’ stay or residence permits or on not extending the duration of residence shall be final.

2. If the nationality is unknown or in conflicts, relevant materials for nationality identification such as foreign passport, permanent residence permit of the country where the passport is issued, and citizenship certificate shall be submitted. The applicant, who is under 18 years old and is applying for Chinese visa for the first time, shall also submit his/her Medical Certificate of Birth or Birth Certificate, the passports of his/her parents and the certificate of residence outside China and other documents related to the determination of his/her nationality.

3. The original application materials shall be submitted for verification and processing.

4. Relevant materials in foreign languages shall be translated into Chinese.

5. Persons who have not canceled their Chinese household registration and resident identity cards shall apply after cancellation.

Hotline for Information and Supervision: +86-10-12367

WeChat Official Account of Exit-Entry Administration Department of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau: Beijing Gong'an Churujing

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