Instructions on Application for International Student Residence Permits and Its Extension for Foreign Nationals of Chinese Origin (Interim Provisions)



Foreign nationals of Chinese origin who pursue long term academic studies in Beijing. 


1. Valid passport or other international travel documents.

2. Completely filled VISA / STAY PERMIT / RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM with recent half-length, white background, bareheaded, full-faced 2-inch color photo. Please fill in the application form in black ink or sign pen, and stamp with the school's official seal. 

3. Valid accommodation registration form of the applicant obtained from local police station or hotel of present residence.

4. Supporting materials on the identification of foreign nationals of Chinese origin as follows:

a. Applicants of former Chinese nationality shall provide the former personal ID card, domicile registration certificate, Chinese passport, certificate of the renunciation of Chinese nationality issued by the Ministry of Public Security and other relevant materials.

b. Applicants whose parents, any or both of whom, are foreign national of Chinese origin, shall provide Supporting materials relating to the former Chinese nationality of the parent(s), the applicant's birth certificate or equivalent document and other relevant materials.

c. Applicants whose parents, any or both of whom, are Chinese citizen, shall provide personal ID of the Chinese nationality of the parent(s), the applicant's birth certificate or equivalent document and other relevant materials.

5. Foreigners who apply for International Student Residence Permits and its extension shall submit the documents as follows:

a. X1 visa holders shall provide admission letter or certificate of enrollment remarked with the period of schooling, or admission from the host institute .

b. non-X1 visa holders shall provide, besides the aforesaid documents, Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW201/JW202), or other enrollment letters from Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.

6. Foreigners over 18 years who apply for residence permit with the validity of no less than one year shall submit Verification Certificate of Medical Examination Records of Overseas Personnel issued by Entry-Exit Health and Quarantine Department in China, which shall be valid for 6 months since the date of issuance.


The applicant may apply for the residence permit with validity of no longer than 5 years (please refer to the period of schooling on the certification of enrollment or admission letter from the school)


1. The applicant shall go through a face-to-face interview. However, for applicants who are aged under16 or above 60, or inconvenient to travel or apply for an extension of residence permit due to disability, the host organization, the family member of the applicant or a particular service agency can submit the application on behalf of the applicant (a copy of the trustee's ID is required). Nonetheless, if the Exit-Entry Administration Department notifies the applicant that an interview is necessary, the applicant must go through the interview personally.

2. For the above-stated materials, the original documents need to be verified, and the photocopies submitted.

3. Any application material in foreign language (except English) should be translated into Chinese.

4. Applicant who doesn't nullify China's household registration should apply after the cancellation of household registration. 

5. Foreigners under 18 who submit the application for the first time in China shall prepare the Birth Certificate or equivalent document, passports and permanent resident permit of parents and other relative documents as certification of nationality.


1. Where visas held by foreigners specify that foreigners need to apply for residence permits after entry, such foreigners shall, within 30 days from the date of their entry, apply for foreigners' residence permits.

2. Foreigners residing in China who apply for the extension of the duration of residence shall file their applications at least 30 days prior to the expiry of the validity period on their residence permits.

3. During the period when the applicant's passport or other travel document is under legal custody of the exit-entry authority for the issuance of visa or resident permit, the applicant may, bearing the receipt notice of the application herein, reside legally within the territory of China.

4. Any international student is liable to the legal punishment by the public security organ if found the location and duration of internship placement exceeding what is specified in the visa. 

5. Where the registered item in a foreigner's residence permit has changed (the items shall include the bearer's name, sex, date of birth, reason for residence and duration of residence of the holder, date and place of issuance, passport number or other international travel documents number), the holder shall, within 10 days from the date of change, apply to the exit-entry administration of public security organ under the local people's government at or above the county level in the place of residence for going through the formalities for alteration.

6. Upon discovery of one of the following circumstances, the entity that employs a foreigner shall, in a timely manner, report to the exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ: a foreigner employed resigns, changes employment location, violates the provisions on administration of exit and entry, dies, disappears or other serious circumstances arise.

7. The exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ may verify the purpose of application through such means as interview, telephone inquiry and on-the-spot investigation.

8. Decisions made by the exit-entry administration of public security organ on rejecting applications for visa extension or reissuance, or on not issuing foreigners' stay or residence permits or not extending the duration of residence shall be final.

The right to interpret this Instruction shall reside in the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.