2023-04-11  |  


Car rental in Beijing [Photo via tuchong.com]

Have you ever planned a self-drive tour around Beijing? It's a good option because you can plan your trip freely without considering bus schedules, especially in suburban Beijing.

Rental car services are accessible at Beijing International Airport as most auto rental service providers have counters at there. The stores of CAR (神州租车) can be easily found in Beijing. The costs of most car rentals are below CNY ¥200 per day (about 30 dollars). You can book your car rental service online or go to the store in person. AVIS can provide services with multiple languages including English, French, and Spanish. 

And there are also some car rental platforms, like izu, eHi, Wukong, zuzuche...

Before you rent a car, you should show your valid documentations, usually a passport and driving license. It should be noted that a provisional driving license can be granted by the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau.