Chaobai River National Forest Park


In 2024, Tongzhou District will be teaming up with Sanhe, Dachang Hui Autonomous County, and Xianghe County, Hebei, to promote thecontributions and sharing of high-quality resources and establish the Chaobai River National Forest Park pilot area.

The 104 sq. km Chaobai River National Forest Park, according to its development plan,blends manmade structureswith natural landscapes and boasts an abundance of natural forest and water,small gardens, and picturesque villages to create relaxing scenic walking and cycling routes along the Chaobai River and connect three theme parks—the National Botanical Garden, Tongyan Art Sports Park, and Chaobai Nature Education Park—and 21 renowned landmarks.

The pilot area is located in the west of the Chaobai River National Forest Park and is slated to get underway in 2024. The park plays a vital role in protecting and restoring the diverse resources of the Chaobai River Basin, which include mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, and grasslands.  

A National Botanical Garden has also been planned for the central part of the Chaobai River National Forest Park at the confluence of theYunchaojian and Chaobai Rivers. The garden will be dedicated to the ecological preservation of the unique forest wetlands of the North China Plain and combine scientific research, the introduction ofseedsto the habitat, popular science exhibitions, and landscape amenities.

The Tongyan Art Sports Park sits north of the Chaobai River National Forest Park at the intersection of Songzhuang Town, Tongzhou District, and Yanjiao Town, Sanhe. The park is centered around the Chaobai River and utilizes forest resources and village culture to create an outdoor art sports and leisure space blending earth art, forest sports, and ecological healthcare.

Source: Beijing Daily