Central Green Forest Park


The Grand Canal Forest Park stretches approximately eight to ten kilometers along the verdant, picturesque embankment of the North Grand Canal, in Beijing's Tongzhou District.Close by, on a former industrial site of 11.2 sq. km, stands the Central Green Forest Park, where forest coverage exceeds 80 percent.

The Central Green Forest Park has a green area of approximately 7.39 sq. kmand the core ecological conservation zone spans 1,200 mu(80 hectares). The ecological conservation efforts in the park employ so-called near-natural methods, with soil remediation experts conducting regular professional testing. Currently, over 50 species of birds and animals inhabit the park, most in the core ecological conservation zone, with some notable inhabitants including national second-level protected animals like the Eurasian sparrowhawk, gray-faced buzzard, little owl, and short-eared owl.

  Source: Guangming Daily