Located in the hutong of Fuchengmennei Street, the unadorned but impressive White Stupa has stood for about 700 years and continues to attract visitors from all over the world. During this year's National Day holiday, in addition to praying for blessings by walking around the White Stupa and visiting the temple, a variety of cultural activities have been offered to bring visitors multiple enjoyable experiences. The renovation of surrounding neighborhoods further adds to the charm of the Miaoying Temple.

The beautiful picture is integrated with the Miaoying Temple and the blue sky.

Miaoying Temple holds night events, and visitors enjoy its night charm.

Visitors take photos at the temple.

Healthy drink-featured "Yao Cafe" (耀咖啡), operated by Baita Temple Pharmacy, a time-honored brand in Beijing, attracts significant attention from the public.

Designed by a French architect, the "429 Shared Courtyard" next to the Miaoying Temple, as the first Sino-French joint pilot program in the old urban area of Beijing, is now available to the public for free.

Street scene around the Miaoying Temple

(Source: Beijing Daily)