Shichahai Cultural Tourism Festival Introduces Five Unique City Walk Routes

During the 23rd Shichahai Cultural Tourism Festival, Beijing’s Xicheng District has introduced five special City Walk routes. These routes promote eco-friendly travel options such as walking and cycling, and encourage participants to explore the city's cultural attractions without any distractions.


Event Highlights - Xicheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau

Xicheng District recently launched three themed experiences that incorporate these new routes, inviting expert guides, cultural specialists, and financial consultants with over 50 families, university students, and theater enthusiasts for a visit to landmarks like the Drum Tower West Theater and the China Numismatic Museum.


These fun and informative "Serendipitous Strolls: Discovering Xicheng" routes are now available on Amap App. To get started, simply search "Discover Xicheng," "Xicheng with Xiao De," or "Beijing Travel Routes" on the Amap App. From there, you'll be able to access the event page to view these routes and start exploring!

Source: CRI Online