Shijingshan District Future Industry Cultivation Center Starts Operation
Recently, Shijingshan District Future Industry Cultivation Center, co-founded by the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Shijingshan Science Park and SDIC (Beijing) Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation.

The center will set a benchmark for the central and local cooperation in terms of the introduction and cultivation of top-tier talent and high-end industries around the world. This will be achieved through an industrial cluster breeding carrier featuring high-calibre professionals worldwide, in line with the goal of Shijingshan's characteristic industrial clusters.

The center focuses on the sectors of future information, future healthcare, future manufacturing, and future space, adopting an "industry + fund + base" model. This approach is designed to build a global investment and talent attraction network, set up a comprehensive fund system for sci-tech projects, and establish an industrial service platform for the sci-tech projects of high-end talented individuals, which integrates the incubation services for hard and core technology-related projects, advanced funds for scientists, and services high-end, sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies.

Relying on the four leading future industries and the three characteristic industries of Shijingshan District, the center actively attracts high-level talent enterprises, high-tech enterprises, unicorn enterprises, etc., to create an innovation hub integrating incubation, commercialization and industrialization.

The center is located in the west section of Chang'an Street, the New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Area (also known as "Shougang Park", one of the venues of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games), and the central area of Beijing's CRD (Central Recreation District). It aims to build an enterprise cultivation service system focusing on the resources highly needed by enterprises, namely markets, funds, policies and channels, providing enterprises with growth solutions and a high-end talent service system for talented minds.

(Source: WeChat official account "Beijing Shijingshan")