On the south side of the west extension line of Chang'an Avenue in Beijing, the Building B9 of the Shoucheng Times Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Center") is capturing widespread attention with its unique allure. As Beijing's first carbon-negative demonstration building, it is not only an outstanding representative of green buildings but also represents an important practice in pioneering the path of sustainable development.
Open soon, this carbon-negative demonstration building has been designed and constructed as a showcase for sustainable development in the Center. Boasting six low-carbon systems including a solar photovoltaic system and a smart control system, the comprehensive use of these systems significantly enhances energy conservation, improves energy efficiency, and contributes to other aspects of this carbon-negative building. It not only balances its energy supply but also generates excess energy, therefore functioning as a truly "carbon-negative building".
Located in the core area of the southeast zone of the New Shougang Park, Shoucheng Times Center covers an area of approximately 440,000 square meters and comprises 19 international 5A-grade commercial buildings. It stands not only the largest-scale commercial park recently erected within Beijing's six urban districts and along the extension line of Chang'an Avenue, but also a vibrant practice for achieving green dual-carbon goals and upholding sustainable development concepts. With its efficient energy utilization and environment-friendly performance, it demonstrates the powerful strength of green buildings.
To further promote the development of the green dual-carbon initiative, Shougang Fund, in collaboration with China Beijing Green Exchange and other institutions, will co-host the "2024 Low-Carbon Building Industry Forum and Shougang Park Carbon-Negative Demonstration Building Debut Event" at the Shougang Park carbon-negative building on March 22. The forum, themed "Focusing on Dual-carbon, Building the Future Together," aims to explore the future path of green development.
(Source: WeChat official account "Beijing Shijingshan")