During the recently held opening ceremony of the inaugural Conference on Cultural Heritage Tourism, the final evaluation results for the Promotion of the National Top Ten Cultural Heritage Tourism Cases for 2022 were announced. The Conference was jointly hosted by the China Cultural Relics Academy, China Cultural Relics Newspaper, the 2023 China-ASEAN Expo Tourism Exhibition Organizing Committee, and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Standing out among 184 applied units nationwide, the RE International Center for Digital Creativity has been selected as one of the National Excellent Cultural Heritage Tourism Cases for 2022. RE is not only the only shortlisted tourism case in the category of industrial heritage in Beijing, but also the world's first digital museum themed on cultural heritage transformed from industrial heritage.


The expert jury, industry insiders, and the attending audience spoke highly of the presentation from RE International Center for Digital Creativity at the event.


The RE International Center for Digital Creativity is situated in the office area of North Silo 7 in Shougang Park, Shijingshan District. It was originally the fourth silo among the seven north silos in Shougang's old plant area. This silo has been transformed from a raw material storage unit for iron smelting into a captivating, immersive digital museum.


Since its opening, the RE has remained dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of this industrial heritage site. By carefully preserving the whole existing structure of this industrial building, RE has successfully transformed the silo into a digital exhibition hall. Through the implementation of spatial transformation and the integration of cutting-edge digital technologies such as an integrated exhibition system, panoramic sound system, data monitoring system, AI, VR, and AR, the upper, middle, and lower levels of the exhibition hall now function in an interactive manner. The exhibition hall's bottom floor features an impressive 11-meter-high material sizing cone. This unique structure serves as a testament to Shougang's past glory days and is also a part of the all-vision exhibition image.


RE offers a range of multi-functional application scenarios, including displays, digital immersive experiences, cultural activities, and field trips. These diverse offerings contribute to the sustainable renewal and revitalization of industrial heritage, driven by the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.


Since its opening, RE has launched five thematic digital immersive exhibitions, including "Discovery · Beijing Central Axis" and "Parallel Space: Meet the Terracotta Warriors in Greece". These exhibitions bring together cultural heritages from not only Beijing and China but from around the world. By turning the silo into a platform for exhibiting the treasures of human civilizations and witnessing international cultural exchanges, RE has created a new cultural tourism model that promotes supportive interplay between industrial and cultural heritage.