The new version of "Jingtong" (One-Stop Services) mini program is now available on WeChat and Alipay! In addition to the newly added sections, the English version is now available for users. This version is designed to provide services to foreign nationals and foreign-invested enterprises. To access it, select "English" after clicking on the "Switch Version" (版本切换) on the homepage of the mini program. Currently, there are five sections under this version, namely "Investing", "Working", "Living", "Travelling" and "Consuming". Hyperlinks are provided for users to access more than 20 most requested services such as applications for visas and residence permits. Users can also find on this mini program the latest information of the urban areas, policy Q&A and interpretation, etc.

The "Jingtong" on Alipay has now enabled the functions of Alipay direct payment and payment by family member, which means that you can make online payments without binding a new bank card, and pay for medical appointments and outpatient services through medical insurance for your parents, spouse, and children (must be insured persons in Beijing) on your mobile phone.

Multiple functional sub-sections of the "Health Services" section, including those for department appointments, hospital information, appointment schedules, maps, rules for binding patients' information, and other issues have been optimized and upgraded. Besides, there are additional functions such as "Hospitals and Departments I Follow" and "Make an Appointment Again". SMS push reminder service for examination reports has also been introduced.

A new special section titled "One-stop Service for One Task" has been added, which gathers or automatically connects service items to provide professional services to all groups of people. At present, one-stop services for three categories of cases, namely "citizens' marriage and childbirth", "assistance for the disabled and people with low incomes" and "unemployment services", have become available. It has also launched a "Travel in Beijing" section to provide services such as sightseeing guides and travel ticketing.