Beijing's new information management system for social insurance was officially launched on October 20. Starting immediately, all relevant functions are back in operation, and social insurance-relevant services can be applied for normally. Unlike the old system, which required offline processing and verification for certain services like making catch-up contributions and getting refunds after more than three months, the new system allows all procedures of all services to be completed online.


[Photo via VCG]

The new system ( standardizes procedures city-wide and documents received and processed, and unifies the acceptance of matters, application materials, and approval procedures throughout the city. At the same time, the new system introduces service items that individuals can handle themselves, such as updating personal information and applying for personal account refunds. Individuals who are not currently employed or have left their jobs no longer need to rely on their employers and can directly access the system to go through the procedures themselves.

In the new system, the applications and reviews of applications are handled separately. Automated and real-time review is conducted for applications eligible for instant approval, allowing applicants to get results quickly. For the applications requiring manual reviews, all needed materials can be submitted for backend reviews, indicating that on-site office visits are not compulsory for applicants as the progresses of their applications can be checked online at any time.

Furthermore, the new system allows the online and offline result inquiries to be made everywhere within Beijing, including those concerning personal rights records, progresses of application reviews, service review results, return result forms, and others. Both insured units and individuals can choose their preferred methods to access information. No restrictions based on administrative districts are in place and inquiries can be made throughout the city.

(Source: Beijing Evening News)