Shijingshan Urban Regeneration Sub-forum, jointly initiated by Shijingshan District People's Government of Beijing Municipality and Beijing Urban Regeneration Union, and organized by the Shijingshan Branch of Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources and China Communications Construction Urban Renewal Co., Ltd., kicked off on the morning of October 10 in China Communications Construction Urban Renewal Tiantai Camp. It is the first urban regeneration forum held in the Shijingshan District.

Themed "Blending and Renewal of Tradition and Innovation", the sub-forum invites relevant leaders, renowned experts and scholars, and outstanding practitioners in the industry to jointly explore the innovation path and practical experience of urban renewal through keynote speeches, case sharing and other forms, thus to introduce talents and build cohesion for the further development of urban renewal. Experiences were shared and discussed during the sub-forum, such as the whole-area urban renewal project of western Shijingshan, the Fahai Temple Mural Art Center project, the Qingcheng Innovation Park and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park Project, and the Shokai renovation project of old residential communities. Meanwhile, a signing ceremony of key projects was held during the sub-forum, which fully demonstrated the achievements of urban renewal in Shijingshan and promoted the exchange among all sectors of society.


The sub-forum was held in Tiantai Camp, a sub-project of the whole-area urban renewal project of western Shijingshan, which was selected as one of the excellent cases of Beijing Urban Renewal in 2023. Located on the west side of Shuangquan Temple at the south foot of Tiantai Mountain in Shijingshan District, the Tiantai Camp covers an area of 29.73 hectares (446 mu). Originally a landfill, it has now been turned into an urban nature-oriented camping site in the mountain after treatment based on the concept of utilizing all resources of whole-area urban renewal, which emphasizes environmental protection, ecology, and concepts of health and sustainability, creating a new scenario for cultural tourism consumption.