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2022-08-02  |  

International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition—Thailand Station Organizing Committee, Thai Beijing chamber of commerce, Rangsit University & Mandarin International school Invite young friends to actively participate in the registration, and paint the colorful world with the paintbrush in their hands.


Every grass, every flower,

every bird in the sky, and every fish in the deep sea

all live on the same planet as human beings.

Biodiversity makes the earth vibrant and is the foundation for human survival and development.

Colorful World

the International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition Series

take art as a bridge

to inspire young people to pay attention to the world's development 

and to build a clean, beautiful and harmonious world together.

On May 22, International Day for Biological Diversity,

the "Colorful World" International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition

calls for young people worldwide

to use their brushes

to draw the diversity of species, genetics and ecology

while taking concrete actions to engage their families and the public

to protect biodiversity together

and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



Soliciting paintings from young people worldwide, with outstanding works to be featured in online and offline exhibitions. 



Holding video collection activity themed "Protect biodiversity and build a shared future for all life on Earth".



The award ceremony of the Painting Invitational Exhibition is to be participated by the heads of the supervising and organizing units as well as the award-winning representatives and media outlets.


Outstanding paintings of Chinese youth will be presented to the participants as souvenirs during the second phase of COP15.

Application Rules


Worldwide participants aged from 4 to 18

Three age groups are divided: participants aged 4-6; participants aged 7-12; participants aged 13-18


Submission of paintings: May to August 10, 2022.

Submission of videos: May to August 10, 2022.

Award ceremony and inaugural exhibition: Late October


1. Forms

Watercolor paintings, oil paintings, crayon drawings, ink paintings, woodcuts, etc.

2. Themes

To show the diversity of species, genetics and ecology, depict the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature, and encourage people to build a prosperous, clean and beautiful world.

3. Sizes

A3 or quarto (within 389mm * 546mm)

Canvas painting No.F8 (Within 455mm * 380mm)


1. Fill in the painting information form as required, and attach the information form to the back of the painting (See Appendix 1). The art works, together with the completed Group Registration Form for the Exhibition (See Appendix 2), should be submitted by group contributors. This event only accepts group submission, and please consult the contacts from the Organizing Committee for any questions. For individual painters, please communicate with the contacts for confirmation before submitting works.

2. Submit the digital copy before delivering the original works; the digital copy should be emailed to the Thailand organizing committee:

tbjcc.2018@gmail,com  Original works should be delivered to the following address:

Thai Beijing Chamber of Commerce

(TC Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.)
202,Le Concorde,Floor 15,Room

No.1501,Ratchadaphisek Rd.,
Huai Khwang,Bangkok,Thailand 10310

(All works shall be duly marked in the Group Registration Form).

3. The digital copy is expected to be sent in JPG or PNG format with the resolution of 300 dpi and the size of 1-5MB, and named including the names of contributor, and names of works, etc with the same information as in the group registration form.The original works should be delivered as required, marking the works in order and corresponding it to the group registration form.

4. We encourage children to participate in the video solicitation activity themed "Protect biodiversity and build a shared future for all life on Earth". Young people from different countries and regions can use video clips they made to introduce their own paintings, introduce representative and endangered plants and animals from various countries,regions and cities, depict the harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature, and advocate our theme with words and through actions. The filmed videos will be streamed on supporting media outlets as well as the organizers' websites, WeChat official accounts and WeChat channels. Each video shall be about 2 minutes in length, in landscape format, with explanations on the painting and the theme "Protect biodiversity and build a shared future for all life on Earth",as well as encouraging words for the public. Please email the videos to tbjcc.2018@gmail,com   (email of Thailand Organizing Committee).


1. The Organizing Committee owns the copyright of all the art works contributed and exhibited, and the contributors enjoy the right of authorship over their works. The Organizing Committee's member organizations have the right to retain the works and own the full copyright and the right to use (including but not limited to exhibition, publicity, publication and other non-commercial purposes).

2. All the art works so contributed and exhibited shall be original works by the contributors, contain no copyrighted contents, and have not been published in any other exhibitions or contests;

3. Participants shall also promise their works shall not infringe on the rights or interests of a third party (including copyright, right of portrait, right of fame, right of privacy and other legal rights and interests), and shall not contain any contents that is threatening, offensive, insulting, or  involving any territorial dispute. All the responsibilities arising from the works shall be borne by the participants themselves.

Selection Method

(I) Selection Principles

1. Evaluation principles: fairness, impartiality and objectivity.

2. Scoring criteria: Scores will be given based on the form, category, region, imagination, observation, theme expression, aesthetic expression, originality and creativity, etc.

(II) Selection Process

A Preliminary Jury, an Expert Jury and a Final Jury will be set up by the Organizing Committee to evaluate the works.



(I) Awards for Participants

There will be 50 First Prizes, 100 Second Prizes and 150 Third Prizes respectively for every group (participants aged 4-6, participants aged 7-12 and participants aged 13-18). All the other participants will be awarded a Prize for Excellence and certificate issued by the Organizing Committee. The final number of awards may be adjusted according to the number and quality of entries collected.

(II) Awards for Organizations

Special awards for outstanding organizations will be awarded to cities, schools, friendship organizations, overseas Chinese organizations, and youth organizations that have made active efforts for encouraging and organizing participation in the event.


Event website: Event notices and related information, as well as the awarding results and certificates will be released in the website.

WeChat Official account/video Channels: International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition, Bimo China and WAAE.



Guided by:

Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Center for Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Ecology and Environment

Hosted by:

Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries 

 Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government

Beijing Women's Federation

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

China National Film Museum

Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges

Beijing Municipal Ecological and Environmental Protection Publicity Center

Co-organized with:

Hebei People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Tianjin People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Supported by:

Beijing Municipal Education Commission

Undertaken by:

Campus Culture Special Fund of China Literature and Art Foundation

Beijing Minhe Foundation for International Exchanges

Organizing Committee of Bimo China

Media Partners

China News Service

BRTV International Channel

CRI Online

Beijing Youth Daily

 Beijing Municipal Government's website (international edition)


Thailand Organizing committee


Thai-Beijing Chamber of Commerce

Organizational Unit

Rangsit University 

Mandarin International School 

Creative Planning

Tirata Vittayaareekul & Ziqi Liu

An organizing committee has been set up for the painting exhibition, and the members of the organizing committee consist of the guiding units, the organizers, the co-organizers, the supporting units and the undertaking units.

Come and join us, boys and girls.

Let's take actions

to build a shared future for all life.

Let's paint the "Colorful World" with our brushes

and protect this "Colorful World" with our actions!