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2021-05-11  |  

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Held by the National Center for the Performing Arts(NCPA), the NCPA May Festival is ongoing and will run until May 22nd.

Founded in 2009, the NCPA May Festival is a brand event of chamber music. This year, the 12th year, the festival continues to focus on chamber music, but also expands to other genres. For example, the concert Midnight Rose on May 18th will bring the audience Jazz and Pingtan. Wang Luli, Deputy Head of the Performance Department of the NCPA.

"This year, one of the most exciting things is that many new friends will attend the May Festival, such as violinist Dang Huali and the National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra. I'm happy to see fresh blood and new friends join in the 12th NCPA May Festival."

Another highlight of this year's event is that the NCPA Orchestra (NCPAO) will perform with its largest lineup and will launch its first mini-chamber music week during the festival. The orchestra will join hands with Tianjin Juilliard School to present four chamber music concerts and will arrange mutual visits. Ren Xiaolong, General Manager of the NCPA Orchestra, introduces.

"The mini-chamber music week is an important upgrade of NCPAO's performances. The upgrade is reflected in the variety of performance forms and repertoire. The lineup of these chamber music concerts is not small. In one of the concerts, over 60 performers will participate. They will play wind and string instruments separately. The Mini Chamber Music Week also features star performers, including violinist Li Weigang, horn player Han Xiaoguang and oboe player Liu Mingjia. Those three performers represent the highest artistic level of Chinese musicians in these fields."

In addition, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China, this year’s May Festival will invite artists such as Lv Jia, Lv Siqing and Chen Xi to go out of the NCPA and hold some charity performances. They will go to schools, communities and enterprises to perform some classical music pieces related to the Party, the motherland and the people.