Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission (or simply Municipal Science & Technology Commission) is a constituent entity of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, also known as Beijing Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (or Municipal Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs). The Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee (or Zhongguancun Administrative Committee) is an agency dispatched by the municipal government. These two organizations, both at the bureau level, operate at the same location.

The Municipal Science & Technology Commission and Zhongguancun Administrative Committee implement the guidelines and policies of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on scientific and technological innovation, enforce the decision-making and deployment of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee work requirements, and adhere to and strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC on scientific and technological innovation in the course of performing their duties. Their main responsibilities are:

I. Implement the nation's innovation-driven development strategy and laws, regulations, and policies on scientific and technological work, draft relevant local and government regulations, and oversee the formulation and implementation of relevant policies and measures.

II. Take the lead in promoting the construction of an International Center for Science & Technology Innovation, undertake the role of the secretariat of the Beijing Office for Promoting the Construction of an International Center for Science & Technology Innovation, organize and formulate relevant working plans and annual planning, and supervise their implementation.

III. Coordinate and promote the construction of the capital's innovation system and the reform of the science and technology system, improve the technological innovation incentive mechanism, coordinate the planning and development of the "Three Cities and One Area" (i.e. Huairou Science City, Zhongguancun Science City, the Future Science City, and Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area) and "One Zone and 16 Parks" (i.e. Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and its 16 subordinate district parks), optimize the construction of the scientific research system, guide the reform and development of scientific research institutions, oversee the preparation, administration and services for new-type research and development (R&D) institutions, take the lead in building enterprise scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and pursue the integration of military and civilian development in science and technology.

IV. Promote the construction of a major scientific and technological decision-making and consulting system for Beijing Municipality, raise suggestions on scientific and technological development strategies, propose a design with priority areas for scientific and technological development, and formulate and implement planning policies to promote the integrated development of science, technology and culture, science popularization and science dissemination.

V. Draft basic research plans and policies for Beijing Municipality and oversee their implementation, coordinate vital and applied basic research, participate in the construction and operation of key science and technology infrastructure projects, propose plans and relevant policy for guaranteeing the conditions necessary for scientific research, and promote the construction of research condition guarantee and the open sharing of scientific and technological resources.

VI. Organize and assess technological development needs in key areas of Beijing and assign tasks, plan R&D and innovation of key generic technologies, cutting-edge technologies, modern engineering technologies, and revolutionary technologies, organize the resolution of major technological problems and the demonstration of achievements, and oversee and participate in international initiatives and projects in big science.

VII. Manage science and technology work in Beijing, take the lead in establishing a science and technology management platform and a coordinating, assessing, and supervising mechanism for scientific research project funds in Beijing, offer suggestions on policies and measures for optimizing the allocation of scientific and technological resources, promote the construction of a diversified science and technology investment system, coordinate the implementation of financial plans (special projects, funds, etc.) for the science and technology sector, and formulate relevant policies on science and technology finance while carrying out relevant work to promote its development.

VIII. Oversee and formulate Beijing's plans, policies and measures for the development and industrialization of high and new technologies, science and technology service industry, and the promotion of urban, agricultural and rural development through science and technology.

IX. Take the lead in building Beijing's technology transfer system, formulate and oversee the implementation of policies and measures related to scientific and technological achievement transfer and the promotion of deeper integration of industries, universities and research institutes, manage the work related to the creation of technology application scenarios, formulate policies and measures for promoting the development of the technology market and oversee their implementation, and enhance the development of various technology intermediaries and associations.

X. Formulate Beijing's policies and measures for the management of science and technology projects, oversee the implementation of science and technology awards and the administration of natural science funds, and carry out the work of scientific and technological information and statistics, innovation surveys and technological achievement reports. With the mandate of the municipal government, fulfill the responsibilities of the investors of the regulated enterprises, supervise and manage their state-owned assets in accordance with law, and strengthen business guidance for these enterprises. Guide confidentiality work in science and technology.

XI. Oversee the development of a system for supervising and evaluating Beijing's science and technology sector and relevant scientific technology evaluation management, coordinate the integrity building in scientific research in Beijing, and evaluate, supervise, and inspect the science and technology sector.

XII. Introduce overseas talents, create and implement programs and plans for introducing foreign experts, establish a mechanism for attracting and aggregating top foreign scientists and their teams and as well as a liaison service mechanism for key foreign experts.Draw up the programs, policies, and annual plans for training abroad (overseas), and oversee their implementation.

XIII. Draw up plans and policies for the establishment of teams of scientific and technological talents, establish and improve evaluation and incentive mechanisms for scientific and technological talents, oversee the implementation of plans for scientific and technological talents, promote the establishment of teams for high-end scientific and technological innovation, and coordinate the progress of talent work in Zhongguancun Science Park.

XIV. Guide the scientific and technological innovation work in all districts of Beijing, liaise with relevant municipal authorities for the scientific and technological innovation work, and promote the overall collaboration work in exchanges, sci-tech coordination and assistance and cooperation in the field of science and technology between Beijing Municipality and other Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

XV. Draw up plans, policies, and measures for Beijing to engage in scientific and technological exchanges with other countries and cooperate on innovation in science and technology. Organize Beijing's international science and technology cooperation, international exchanges and cooperation between Zhongguancun Science Park and foreign partners, and promote international technology transfers. Lead and organize technology export and technology introduction work. Responsible for the scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges related to the Hong Kong SAR, the Macao SAR, and Taiwan of China. Responsible for foreign-related scientific and technological affairs and the foreign liaison, publicity and liaison work of Zhongguancun Science Park, and for the preparation of the Zhongguancun Forum and other relevant work.

XVI. Responsible for the development and construction of Zhongguancun Science Park, responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and serving the specific work related to the building and development of the Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, organize research on park development plans, policies, and relevant reform plans, and coordinate their implementation.

XVII. Oversee the implementation of national and municipal policies and measures contributing to the development of high-tech industry development zones, facilitate and serve the innovation, entrepreneurship and R&D of high-end technologies and the commercialization of their achievements, the development of social organizations, intellectual property related tasks and others in Zhongguancun Science Park, and cultivate strategic emerging industries and future industries.

XVIII. Guide the work of Zhongguancun Science Park and its subordinate parks, organize the formulation of plans for the spaces of Zhongguancun Science Park, coordinate the overall management of key tasks such as space planning, industrial layout and positioning, dynamic monitoring, and project admission standards for each of its subordinate parks, optimize the spatial layout and carrier development for innovation and entrepreneurship, evaluate and appraise its subordinate parks, promote the high-end, distinctive and differentiated development of the parks, and contribute to a coordinated regional development.

XIX. Perform other tasks assigned by the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality.

XX. Functional Transformations

1. Adhere to the innovation-driven development concept, implement the strategy of revitalizing the country through science and education, the strategy of revitalizing the country through talents, and the strategy of innovation-driven development, adhere to self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology, target at cutting-edge global science and technology, optimize the allocation of innovation resources, formulate and implement strategic action plans, and accelerate the building up of the International Center for Science & Technology Innovation to better serve and support the construction of a leading global science and technology powerhouse.

2. Deepen the institutional reform of the science and technology sector, accelerate the transformation of management functions, strengthen macro-coordination and reduce micro-administration, establish an open and unified science and technology management platform, optimize the planning framework and operational mechanism of the science and technology sector, and promote the integration of projects, bases, talents, and funds involved in key projects, improve the management model of the organizations in charge of scientific and technological projects, implement an open competition mechanism, improve appraisal mechanisms and optimize incentives in the science and technology sector, expand the autonomy of innovation entities in research management, improve the science and technology talent assessment system based on innovative capabilities, quality, effectiveness and contributions, enhance the mechanism for sharing the rights and interests of scientific researchers in their work invention achievements, promote the spirit of scientists, and implement more open policies for scientific and technological talents.

3. Accelerate the formation of strategic scientific and technological forces, leverage the new national system for key and core technology breakthroughs, enhance the overall effectiveness of innovation chains, undertake the construction of major Chinese projects in science and technology, participate in the construction and operation of key infrastructure projects, step up support for basic research and original innovation, optimize R&D layout, and promote the optimal allocation and resource sharing among research institutes, institutions of higher-education and researchers in enterprises.

4. Fully facilitate the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, increase support for innovation entities, enhance deep integration among enterprises, universities and research institutes, accelerate the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, enhance the capacity building of Zhongguancun Science Park in its self-reliant innovation, promote the demonstrative application of key technologies, and support the high-quality development of high-end, precision and sophisticated industries.

5. Continuously optimize the innovation ecosystem, improve the governance system for the science and technology sector, enhance the effectiveness of innovation systems, strengthen the innovative policy source function, give full play to the active role of government in institutional innovation and the decisive role of market in resource allocation, strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in innovation, activate the vitality of innovation and creation, strengthen technology cooperation and exchanges and talents introduction, accelerate Beijing's integration into the global technology innovation network, and enhance its influence in scientific and technological innovation.

XXI. Division of responsibilities between the two Commissions and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

The Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee, and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology shall strengthen the coordination and interaction in innovation-driven development to promote the deeper integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes. The two commissions are responsible for organizing and serving enterprises in technology innovation and research breakthroughs, managing, guiding, coordinating and serving the transfer and commercialization of research outcomes. The two commissions are also responsible for drafting and implementing policies and measures for the transfer and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements in Beijing as well as the deeper integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology shall organize and promote the adjustment of industry layout and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structures, coordinate and solve relevant issues in industrial operation and development, focus on organizing industrial planning and development, market configuration, and product promotion and application to help enterprises grow bigger and stronger.