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2023-11-23  |  

Known as the "Ice Ribbon", the National Speed Skating Oval was an iconic venue for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and a cradle of numerous Olympic records. This venue is now celebrated as the home of the "fastest ice" in the world. Today, it stands accessible to everyone, transforming into a multifunctional hub for sports competitions, fitness activities, and exhibitions. Join us on a journey across the ice, captured through the lens of Lee Juhyun, a South Korean student, and experience the exhilaration of speed on ice!


The venue is predominantly white and blue.

[Photo by Lee Juhyun from ROK]


Visitors are enjoying skating.

[Photo by Lee Juhyun from ROK]


A toy dolphin to help beginners balance when skating

[Photo by Lee Juhyun from ROK]


An exhibition wall presenting the torches of the previous Winter Olympic Games

[Photo by Lee Juhyun from ROK]