TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Debuts in Beijing with Its First Outlet Opening in Chaoyang District




Global bookstore icon TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE has launched its first Beijing outlet at THE BOX B in Chaoyang's Chaowai Street, commencing trial operations on April 20.


Rich array of books inside the store

The bookstore spans three floors and features an overall stylish and minimalist design. The arrangement of books inside the store diverges from conventional library methods. Instead, books are curated according to lifestyle themes, encompassing categories like art, mind and spirit, home, travel, and crafts.


In-store magazine section

The store features a dedicated magazine section, the largest among TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE's domestic outlets, where customers can explore magazines from across the globe. Complementing the reading experience, TSUTAYA Coffee offers a diverse range of beverages, allowing customers to enjoy their reads with a drink of choice.


Cultural and creative products in the store


Customers can enjoy their reads accompanied by a cup of coffee.

The bookstore distinguishes itself with the first SHARE LOUNGE in the Chinese mainland. Introduced by TSUTAYA in Japan in 2019, this brand offers a shared space for reading and relaxation, where customers can co-work, access a private library, and enjoy leisure time with afternoon tea.


Booth seating and individual workspace at SHARE LOUNGE on the third floor


Snack area at SHARE LOUNGE on the third floor

As a globally renowned bookstore brand, TSUTAYA has already established a presence in several cities, including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Tianjin, and Chengdu. Now, it has added another unique cultural space to the vibrant Chaoyang District in Beijing.

(Text/Photos by Ma Panpan)