Take a Bite at Silk Road Food and Culture Festival


On July 3, 2024 the Second Silk Road Food and Culture Festival opened as part of Beijing International Gourmet Festival (BIGF).

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At HAMARKAND (Gongti East Road), a Silk Road-themed food pop-up market showcases spices, tea, wine, and meat products from more than 20 countries, including China, Sri Lanka, and Kazakhstan, attracting consumers to stop and have a taste.

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Featuring Silk Road gourmet, the event introduces the first 12 Recommended Dishes, including Peking Duck and Chang'an Liangpi (steamed cold noodles) from China, Tom Yum soup from Thailand, and pizza from Italy. Among the 12 Recommended Restaurants are HAMARKAND (Gongti East Road) and Beijing Xinjiang Plaza.

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For this event, a “Silk Road Gourmet” section will be displayed on online platforms for one month. Customers in Beijing can open the "Dianping" (大众点评) App and search for "Silk Road Gourmet" (丝路美食) to read recommendations and visit the restaurants according to the map. The event will run until the end of July.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)