On April 13, a local agricultural exhibition took place in Pinggu District, Beijing, showcasing the locally-grown products from the District.


Pinggu's peaches on display at the local agricultural show

Pinggu has been utilizing greenhouse technologies to grow peaches for many years, enabling the harvesting of fresh peaches even during the peak periods of the blooming seasons of peach blossoms. The first batch of peaches grown in greenhouses ripened at Beijing Yidafeng Fruit and Vegetable Production and Sales Cooperative in Xiagezhuang Town. Moreover, the flat peaches of a new variety known as "Huangjin Pan" will also ripen one by one. Jian Shuangjiu, the person in charge of the Cooperative, revealed that there are a number of towns in Pinggu that now grow greenhouse peaches, including Xiagezhuang, and many other towns have also embraced new varieties. Currently, the donut peach varieties like Zaolu Pantao and Huangjin Pan have been ripening successively. These peaches are expected to be available in markets as early as the end of March every year, with picking seasons that may extend until July.

Over 133.3 hectares of peach trees have been planted in Xiagezhuang Town, with over 5.3 hectares of them coming from greenhouses. Beijing Yidafeng Fruit and Vegetable Production and Sales Cooperative, established in 2008, focuses on growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables, with peaches being its primary products. At present, the Cooperative has formed partnerships with 120 local households, and the first batch of fresh peaches has already been sold out in advance.

Alongside the peaches, the exhibition also featured top-notch agricultural products from both the Doctoral Farms and the National Modern Agriculture Industrial Parks.  A diverse array of fresh products such as strawberries and honey, and processed goods like canned peaches, juice made from humble bush cherries, preserved fruits, and five-spice chicken. The locally renowned cultural products like peach wood handicrafts and walnut wood antiques are also among the exhibits and are highly popular with the citizens. 

(Source: The Beijing News)