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[Overview] Ulaanbaatar is the capital city and the largest city of Mongolia and also the political, economic, technological, cultural and transportation center of the country. Located in the middle of the Mongolia Plateau, the city covers an area of 4,700 square kilometers and has a resident population of about 1.47 million (at the end of 2019).

[Politics] Ulaanbaatar is governed by the Hural (city council) and the government. The Hural consists of 45 members directly elected by the citizens. The mayor of the city is nominated by the Hural and appointed by the prime minister for a term of four years. The incumbent Mayor Dolgorsürengiin Sumiyabazar took office on October 23, 2020.

[Economy] Ulaanbaatar is home to most factories and enterprises of the country and the light industry is the mainstay.

[Culture and Education] The National University of Mongolia is the largest university in the country.

[Relations with Beijing] Beijing and Ulaanbaatar officially became sister cities on August 17, 2014. The two cities have had friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation in such areas as legislation, urban construction and culture in recent years.

Legislation: In 2018, the Beijing Municipal People's Congress and Ulaanbaatar Hural signed a memorandum on friendly cooperation and exchanges and established a mechanism of regular communication and mutual visits. This strengthened the relationship between the legislative bodies of the two cities and laid a solid foundation for their cooperation in various fields.

City Construction: Beijing Construction Engineering Group has undertaken key projects in Ulaanbaatar, including the Beijing Street renovation project and the central sewage treatment plant project. Beijing Uni-Construction Group also built two major bridges in the city. In 2019, Ulaanbaatar sent officials to participate in the 2019 Urban Planning Workshop organized by Beijing as a sister city program under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Culture: In 2018, the Ulaanbaatar Day event was successfully staged in Beijing and in 2019, the Beijing Day event in Ulaanbaatar was held to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the formation of sister-city relationship between the two cities. These promoted people-to-people exchanges and strengthened their bonds between the two sides. In each of the past two years, Ulaanbaatar has sent participants to Beijing's Chinese Training Program organized for officials from sister cities.