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[Overview] Delhi, or the National Capital Territory of Delhi, is the political, economic, cultural, educational and tourism center of India and the second largest city of the country after Mumbai. It covers an area of 1,485 square kilometers and has a population of nearly 30 million.

[Politics] Delhi is governed by the government and the Legislative Assembly. Its government has a Lieutenant Governor's Office and a Council of Ministers. As Delhi's top executive, the Lieutenant Governor, appointed by the President of India for a non-fixed term, oversees government work and ensures the rule of law in society. As head of the Council of Ministers, the Chief Minister is elected by the majority party in the parliament and governs the state for a term of five years. The Legislative Assembly consists of 70 members who are directly elected by the citizens for a term of five years. The incumbent Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took office in February 2015.

[Economy] As India's industrial and commercial center, Delhi plays a vital role in India's economy. Its major industries include cotton and wool textiles, the chemicals, ironmaking, timber processing, printing and food processing. Delhi is also the center of railway, road and air transportation in India. Its handicrafts are renowned all over the world, particularly those of gems, gold, silver and carved ivory.

[Culture and Education] Delhi boasts a long history and rich culture. It is home to gardens of the Moguls as well as buildings of the British colonial style. There are public and private schools and institutions of higher learning in the city, including prestigious universities such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University and Indian Institute of Technology.

[Relations with Beijing] Beijing and Delhi officially became sister cities on October 23, 2013. The two sides have had exchanges and cooperation in the field of municipal sanitation and other areas in recent years.

Municipal Sanitation: In November 2018, five officials of municipal management from Delhi came to Beijing to participate in the exchange program on solid waste management that Beijing hosted for sister cities.