:Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government
2022-02-22  |  

[Overview] Astana (previously known as Astana) is the capital city of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Located in the steppe in central-northern Kazakhstan, the city covers an area of 952 square kilometers and has a population of 1.5 million. The Ishim River runs through the city. In 1997, Kazakhstan moved its capital from Almaty to Akmola, which was renamed Astana in 1998 and then Astana in 2019.

[Politics] The Public Council of Astana serves as the city's legislative body with upper and lower houses. The city government consists of the General Office , the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning and Land Relations, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Finance, and other departments. There are three districts in the city. The mayor of Astana is appointed by the president of Kazakhstan, and the incumbent Mayor Altay Seidirovich Kulginov took office in June 2019.

[Economy] Astana is a major industrial and agricultural production base in Kazakhstan. Its main industries include petroleum, mining, coal, agriculture and animal husbandry, with petroleum and metallurgy being the pillars. Processing, machinery manufacturing and light industry are relatively underdeveloped. The city has to import most of its daily consumer goods.

[Culture and Education] Astana has a well-educated population, with basically no illiterate. Over 10% of its population have received higher education and over 50% secondary education. The city has two comprehensive universities as well as a range of large public cultural facilities, including museums, theaters and cultural centers.

[Relations with Beijing] Beijing and Astana officially became sister cities on November 16, 2006. The relations between the two cities have developed smoothly since then and a cooperation memorandum of understanding was signed in 2011.

Culture: In 2008, when Astana celebrated its 10th anniversary as the capital, Beijing donated a sculpture featuring the Great Wall, which was regarded as exceptional among the 20 landmark sculptures from 17 countries. In 2017, a delegation of Beijing participated in the opening ceremony and relevant activities of the Beijing Week during Expo 2017 Astana. In 2018, Beijing also attended the 20th anniversary celebrations of the city as the new capital of Kazakhstan.

Arts: In 2011, Astana sent a delegation of nearly 200 members to stage performances and exhibitions at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. The activities were warmly welcomed by Beijing residents.