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Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government
2022-02-22  |  

[Overview] The province of Jakarta is the capital city and the political, economic, cultural and religious center of Indonesia. As the largest city in Southeast Asia, Jakarta covers an area of about 661.5 square kilometers and has a population of 10.374 million.

[Politics] As the special capital region, Jakarta is directly administered by the Indonesian government. The provincial government has a number of departments respectively in charge of community welfare, government affairs and facilities, finance, development, economy, audit and regional development. There is a governor, four deputy governors and a secretary general. In 2007, Jakarta had its first directly elected governor for a term of five years. The incumbent Governor Anies Baswedan took office on October 16, 2017.

[Economy] With finance being its pillar industry, Jakarta is where all major Indonesian financial, industrial and commercial institutions are headquartered. Industrial facilities concentrate in the suburbs, mainly facilities for oil refining, the chemical industry, shipbuilding, textiles, auto assembly, building materials industry, and food processing.

[Culture and Education] Jakarta hosts more than 100 universities, of which Universitas Indonesia is the largest and most prestigious in the country. The National Museum in Jakarta was founded in 1868 and houses the largest collection of Indonesia. Jakarta is also one of Indonesia's top three tourist cities, where the old section in the coastal north of the city boasts a unique landscape and plenty of historic sites.

[Relations with Beijing] Beijing and Jakarta officially became sister cities on August 4, 1992. The two sides have had close interactions and fruitful cooperation in such areas as economy and trade, sports and tourism in recent years.

Investment and Trade: In 2014, Beijing Foton signed a cooperation agreement on new energy bus for Jakarta with Indonesia's bus authority and Jakarta bus operator. According to the agreement, Foton would provide Jakarta with solutions for integrated green public transportation in Jakarta. A delivery ceremony of Foton's new energy buses was held during the signing ceremony of the agreement. By deepening cooperation with the local government, Beijing helped local industrial enterprises to go global with their technologies.

Sports: Jakarta has sent many batches of young table tennis and football players to Beijing for training or competition. In 2018, Beijing sent badminton players to participate in the Jakarta Badminton Sister City Tournament.

Tourism: In 2012, Jakarta was one of the first to join the World Tourism Cities Federation initiated by Beijing, through which pragmatic tourism cooperation between the two sides were deepened.