Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government
2022-02-22  |  

[Overview] Ankara is the capital city of Türkiye and the second largest city of the country after Istanbul. Located in the middle of the Anatolian Plateau, Ankara has a population of 5.35 million and consists of an old town and a new town. The old town, centering around the citadel,  maintains the style of the Ottoman Empire period.

[Politics] Ankara is governed by the municipal council and the municipal executive committee. The former is the decision-making body while the latter is a commission that implements the resolutions of the council. The mayor, elected by direct popular vote for a five-year term, is the top leader of the city and also the chairperson of the municipal council. The incumbent Mayor Mansur Yavaş took office in April 2019.

[Economy] Located at the center of Türkiye's road and railway networks, Ankara is the second largest industrial center of the country, with the tertiary industry, especially services as its economic pillar. Public services account for a large share. The city mainly exports textiles and processed agricultural and animal products. The OSTIM Industrial Zone within Ankara is the largest industrial park of Türkiye.

[Culture and Education] With a long and glorious history, Ankara is home to a large number of attractions with historic significance. Examples include the Column of Julian, the Temple of Augustus, the Roman Baths and the Ankara Castle of the Roman Empire period; castles and cemeteries of the Byzantine Empire period; and Alaeddin Mosque of the Seljuk Empire period. The city also hosts famous universities such as Ankara University and Middle East Technical University.

[Relations with Beijing] Beijing and Ankara officially became sister cities on June 20, 1990.

Culture: In June 2010, Beijing held the “Charming Beijing” photo exhibition in Ankara in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the formation of sister-city relationship between the two cities. In June 2012, at the invitation of the Ankara side, an acrobatics troupe sent by Jingdu Performing Arts Group of Beijing's Xicheng District participated in the Ankara Art Festival. In September 2012, Beijing held the “Charming Beijing” photo exhibition and the Beijing Night Show: Songs for the Turkish People  in Ankara as part of the China Culture Year in Türkiye program.