[Photo via VCG]

Recently, a delegation from Gauteng Province of South Africa visited the New Actuation Fintech Center in the National-level Fintech Demonstration Area ("Jinke New Area" for short) of Xicheng District in Beijing upon invitation. The delegation aimed to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of the modernized finance sector in Beijing.

Beijing established a friendly city relationship with Gauteng in December 1998. Since then, the two regions have conducted a series of exchanges and cooperative activities in areas such as economy, trade, science and technology, and culture, yielding fruitful results.

During the visit, Song Mei, Deputy District Mayor of Xicheng District, introduced the current situation regarding the economic and social development of Xicheng, with a focus on key industries like finance. Zanele Fakude, Head of Gauteng Growth and Development Agency, highly praised Xicheng's achievements in economic and social development as well as its innovative vitality in terms of financial technologies. Fakude expressed the willingness to actively promote friendly cooperation between the relevant cities in Gauteng Province and Xicheng District in the fields of financial technologies, historical and cultural preservation, and ancient urban area conservation under the cooperation framework based on the friendship city relationship between Gauteng Province and Beijing.

(Source: Foreign Affairs Office of Xicheng District People's Government of Beijing Municipality)