Shougang Sci-Fi Industry Cluster Recognized as One of Zhongguancun Characteristic Industry Parks

Recently, Shougang Sci-Fi Industry Cluster in Shijingshan District was labeled as one of Zhongguancun Characteristic Industry Parks and officially became a member of Zhongguancun Characteristic Industry Park League.


Powered by metaverse, Web 3.0 and other technological means, the cluster serves as one of the core bearers in the Shougang area for the establishment of the international science and technology innovation center of Beijing.


The cluster is fostering a new quality productive force layout characterized by the sci-fi industry. In terms of the construction of this bearer, based on the high density of industrial heritage in the area and other factors, 100,000 square meters of high-quality space has been completed and is now operational.


Up to now, 125 sci-fi enterprises have been attracted to the cluster, including specialized, refined, differential and innovative enterprises and high-tech enterprises, covering multiple fields like content creation, video special effects, hard technologies, immersive experiences, etc. These also include the studios of sci-fi masters like Wang Jinkang (whose fiction has been nominated as Best Novella of Hugo Award) and Liu Cixin (author of The Three-body Problem), and Shougang Park's No.1 Blast Furnace - SoReal Science Fiction Paradise Park.

An industrial ecosystem has also been established, led by the China Science Fiction Convention and supported by ZGC Science Fiction Industry Innovation Center, the Science Fiction Industry Consortium, and several sci-fi awards and funds.

To better serve the enterprises within the cluster, service workstations and professional teams have been formed to provide targeted services. Industrial events like Shougang Park Web 3.0 International Forum and the Science Fiction Industry Consortium 101 have been held, resulting in the accumulation of resources of more than 300 enterprises.

(Source: WeChat official account "Chuangxin Shijingshan")