Targets: Natural persons, business entities, legal persons of public institutions, legal persons of non-governmental organizations, unincorporated enterprises, administrative agencies, and other organizations 

I. Two original copies of the technology contract that has come into effect according to the law (print and electronic); two original copies of the technology contract attachments (print and electronic) (The relevant sample copies can be downloaded at Enterprises may refer to the sample copies for implementation according to their specific conditions).

II. Applicants are required to submit the following materials according to the Technology Contract Identification Rules:

1. When applying for the identification and registration of a contract concluded by a internal functional unit of a legal person or an organization of other forms, an original written authorization (print, allowed to be supplimented after registration) must be provided. The document should specify the entrusting party, the entrusted party, and the content of authorization.

2. When applying for the identification and registration of a contract concluded by a research group of a legal person or an organization of other forms, an original written authorization must be provided (print, allowed to be supplimented after registration).

General requirements for application materials: Materials related to the identification and registration of technology contracts that do not meet the key points of review will be returned to the applicants for modification and re-submission.

Acceptance conditions:

Application materials must be complete and in line with both the application requirements and legal form (The first category refers to required materials. The second category refers to materials to be submitted only for a special contract with specified circumstances. When such special circumstances are involved in the contract, the corresponding materials must be submitted. If not, they do not have to be submitted).

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Processing Procedure:

Application acceptance: 1 working day

Review and decision: 10 working days

Certificate issuance and delivery: 1 working day