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District: Miyun District

Address: Located close to the exits 15-1 and 16 of Beijing-Chengde Expressway in the southwest of downtown of Miyun District, Miyun Park, Zhongguancun (hereafter referred to as "the Park") is 45 kilometers away from the city proper of Beijing, 35 kilometers away from Beijing Capital International Airport, 146 kilometers away from Beijing Daxing International Airport and 230 kilometers away from the Port of Tianjin. Chaohe River passes through the Park and Baihe River passes through the main urban area of Miyun, with the junction of two rivers located in the Park.


1. Basic Information - The construction of the Park is planned to create "one park and three zones", including economic development zone, ecological business zone and science city development zone. Currently, the planned area covers 19.44 square kilometers (12.5 square kilometers for construction of economic development zone, 6.94 square kilometers for ecological business zone, and 4.5 square kilometers for the science city development zone, not initiated yet).

2. Core Functions - The Park has initially defined three functional positions, i.e. as the main battlefield for Miyun economic construction, the source for scientific and technological innovation, and the supporting area for the transformation of achievements of the Science City.

3. Development of Key Industries - The Park puts focus mainly on four industrial directions embodied in the construction of "three clusters, three parks and one base", i.e. to build a great healthcare industry cluster and a life and healthcare industrial park focusing on the development of biomedicine, medical equipment, etc.; to creat a smart manufacturing industry cluster and an industrial park for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements relying on the supports from institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Science City and Dongsheng Park; to build an energy-saving and environmental protection industry cluster, and an energy-saving and environmental protection industrial park; and to vigorously develop the technology service industry to build a technology service industry base.

4. Development of Miyun Park: There are over 4,800 enterprises registered in Miyun Park of Zhongguancun Science Park. Among them, there are more than 200 resident entities and over 4,600 headquarters enterprises. Altogether 14 resident enterprises are publicly listed or quoted, including 2 listed on the mainboard, 1 on GEM, and 11 quoted by NEEQ. In addition, the park also boasts a unicorn enterprise, 185 national-level high-tech enterprises and 198 Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises.

5. Scientific and Technological Innovation: There are overall 35 R&D institutions at the municipal and above levels (largest number among economic development zones in Beijing Ecological Conservation Area). The park also registers 1 workstation for academicians and experts, 4 workstations for post-doctoral studies, and 17 academicians in partnership with enterprises. Four people from enterprises in the park enjoy special government allowances of the State Council and 10 people have been recognized by the municipal high-end overseas talents programme and Zhongguancun high-end talents programs. Enterprises of Miyun Park now hold over 3,600 valid patents, including more than 2,000 patents for inventions, that is, about 624 patents possessed by every 10,000 people in the park.

Name of the Management Committee: Management Committee of Miyun Park, Zhongguancun

Contact of the Management Committee: Sun Mingyao

Phone Number of the Management Committee: 86-15910393990