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District: Shunyi District

Address: No. 9, Gaoliying Section, Baima Road, Shunyi District, Beijing

Introduction: Shunyi Park of Zhongguancun was officially established in October 2012, with a planned area of 12.08 square kilometers. In December 2014, Shunyi District implemented the integration of economic functional areas and established the Functional Area of Science and Technology Innovation Industry, with a planned area of 13.32 square kilometers. The Management Committee of Shunyi Park of Zhongguancun also served as the Management Committee of Functional Area of Science and Technology Innovation Industry. The park has 163 hectares of usable land and 170,000 square meters of available office resources.

Shunyi Park of Zhongguancun aims to build a "frontier position for the capital's innovation-driven development, a base for the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in Beijing, and a demonstration area for high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Shunyi", aligns with "3 + 4 + 1" sophisticated industrial new pattern in Shunyi District, and focuses on developing three innovative industrial clusters of new energy intelligent automobile, third-generation semiconductor and aerospace and on cultivating strategic emerging industries such as next-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine and great health.

The new energy intelligent automobile industry develops rapidly. It has successively introduced a batch of leading companies in new energy intelligent automobile represented by Beijing Benz's NEV, Chehejia and TuSimple. The industrial chain of new energy and intelligent connected automobile is becoming more and more perfect, driving the integrated development of chips, electronics, 5G communications, high-precision map and other industries associated with intelligent connected automobile. The 12-kilometer open panoramic road has been officially listed as the first batch of automatic driving test roads in the city. The 300-mu Shunchuang fully enclosed unmanned driving test field has been put into use, attracting a group of leading enterprises committed to the development of intelligent connected vehicles such as Didi, Baidu and Meituan to enter the park for testing. The third-generation semiconductor industry ecology has been fully constructed. It has released the Several Measures on Promoting the Innovation and Development of the Third-Generation Semiconductor and Other Frontier Semiconductor Industries in Shunyi Park of Zhongguancun jointly with the Zhongguancun Management Committee; built the first third-generation semiconductor material and application joint innovation base focusing on the whole industry chain in China, with a total area of 70,000 square meters; established the strategic alliance for technological innovation in the third-generation semiconductor industry which gathers more than 120 top enterprises and research institutions in China; cultivated the third-generation semiconductor joint innovation incubation center recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a national-level alliance space; started the construction of 200,000 square meters of third-generation semiconductor standardized workshops, and led the establishment of a 5 billion yuan third-generation semiconductor industry investment fund. A number of major industrial projects such as Gallium Family Technology, GPT, CEC Optoelectronics Headquarters and GLC have been introduced and stored. The aerospace industry continues to improve. In terms of aviation industry, relying on the 1,997- mu AVIC Industrial Park, AVIC industry and AVIC Engine Research Institute have been actively promoted to implement the industrial layout. AVIC Composite, AVIC New Continental, Andawell and other projects have been successively constructed, forming an industrial system from core technology research and development to key component manufacturing. In the field of aerospace industry, it has given full play to the advantages of the Fifth Institute of Aerospace Science & Industry in science, technology and industrial resources, launched the construction of 218-mu Aerospace Industrial Park, and accelerated the introduction of industrial projects around navigation control and satellite application. A number of projects such as China's weapon navigation and control industrial base have been signed and implemented successively, forming the application scenarios and industrial clusters of Shunyi GEOVIS iData jointly with Zhengyuan Geomatics and GEOIVS of Geographic Information Industrial Park.

Enterprises in the park can enjoy multiple preferential policies of Beijing, Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and Shunyi District. Beijing's policies include measures for the management of innovation funds for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, measures for the management of guarantee funds for cultural and creative industries, and measures for the implementation of several provisions to promote the development of headquarters enterprises in Beijing. The policies of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone include Zhongguancun "1 + 4" pilot policy and "new four" policy. Shunyi District's policies include supporting measures for promoting the development of enterprises entering the District, targeted supporting measures for promoting the development of major industrial projects, measures to promote the listing of enterprises and detailed rules for supporting policies of the cradle plan.

Name of the Management Committee: Management Committee of Shunyi Park of Zhongguancun Science Park

Contact Person of the Management Committee: Shen Leyi

Contact Number of the Management Committee: 8610-69499703