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District: Dongcheng District

Address: 77 Cultural and Creative Park, No.11, Cangjingguan Alley, Dongcheng District (Address of the Management Committee)



Dongcheng Park Sector, one of the 16 sub-parks of Zhongguancun Science Park, covers an area of 603 hectares as planned, accounting for 14.4% of the area of Dongcheng District (41.84 square kilometers) and 1.24% of the area of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone (488 square kilometers). It is a national demonstration base for the integration of culture and science and technology, a national demonstration base for sports industry, a national copyright trade base, a cluster for Beijing's cultural and creative industry, a financial function zone for Beijing's emerging industry, an innovation development zone for modern service industry in Zhongguancun, a cluster for Beijing's headquarters economy, and a cluster for Beijing's business service industry.

In 2019, Dongcheng Park was expected to achieve a revenue of CNY 289.8 billion from high-tech enterprises, with an increase of 11.4% year-on-year, and it was equivalent to a revenue of CNY 48.1 billion per square kilometer on average, ranking first in the city, and equivalent to a revenue of CNY 3.22 million per person, ranking second in the city. The number of high-tech enterprises reached 1,036, crossing the line of 1,000 for the first time, with a year-on-year growth of 16.7%; the number of headquarters-based enterprises in the park sector reached 174, including 5 enterprises listed among Global Fortune 500 , 7 enterprises listed among China's Top 500, 90 listed enterprises and 100 gazelle enterprises.

Spatial Layout Planning

◆Business and Technology Service Development Zone along Andingmen Waidajie and Beibinhelu – It is located along the Beisanhuan, Zhongzhoulu, and Binhelu by North Hucheng River, and includes large five-star office buildings such as GTC Residence. With the completion of key projects such as Hangxing Park, COFCO Land Building and Dongfang Yandusheng Gunan Lane, a cluster of enterprises in fields of creative design, technology services, business services and finance will be introduced into this area to build a high-end ecological business district.

◆Digital Media and Creative Design Development Zone along Beierhuanlu – It is located in the Beierhuanlu and is composed of 5A-level office buildings such as Yonghe Plaza and Gehua Tower, the Hutong creative factories such as 77 Cultural and Creative Park, Cazenove Impression and The Oriental Innovation Valley, as well as Qinglong Cultural Innovation Block, with outstanding characteristics of regional digital media and creative design, innovation and incubation. Additionally, it is also a national-level demonstration base for the integration of cultural and technological development.

◆Finance and Modern Service Industry Development Zone along Dongerhuan - It is located along the northern section of the Dongerhuan. After more than ten years of development, it has grown into a modern business district with headquarters enterprises as the core, building economy as the carrier, and information, finance and business services as the main industrial forms. It has gathered headquarters enterprises such as CNPC, CYTS Group and Poly Group, corporate headquarters of national financial institutions such as China Investment Corporation and Central Huijin Investment Co., Ltd., as well as regional headquarters of major corporations such as Bank of China Beijing Branch, PICC Beijing Branch and Beijing Mobile. On basis of these enterprises, it has also attracted varieties of modern service industries to provide support, thus the industrial chain has been extended continuously to form enterprise clusters.

◆Sports and Health Development Zone along Longtan Lake - It is located on the northeast side of Yuting Bridge at the Nanerhuan, west of Longtan Lake Park, with an area of 2.96 million square meters. There are 31 sports event management centers such as the General Administration of Sport of China, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the All-China Sports Federation, sports media such as sports press group, as well as outreach, scientific research and other institutions. The zone has obvious advantages in space resources. In the future, it will develop sports science and technology, sports creativity, sports event organization, sports media and sports property rights trading, promote the integration of sports industry with cultural industry and health industry, and build Longtan Lake National Sports Industry Demonstration Base.

Industry Positioning

It will take culture as the core, technology as the tool, and finance as the support, to highlight the high-end leadership, and insist on the integrated development direction of culture, science and technology and the innovative development direction of culture and finance, with the purpose of strengthening and optimizing the new-generation information technology industry (technology services and information services) as the leading industry, focusing on cultivating two characteristic industries, i.e. cultural technology and sports technology industries, consolidating and developing two supporting industries, i.e. financial industry and business service industry, cultivating and strengthening the headquarters economy that will match the strategic positioning of the capital, and building a demonstration zone integrating culture, science and technology and a national sports industry demonstration zone.

Development Status

As an important support for the economic development of Dongcheng District, Dongcheng Park Sector plays an important role in the economic development and industrial structure upgrading of Dongcheng District. After several years of construction, the Park sector has shown the obvious feature of the integrated development of culture, science and technology, with a stable headquarters economy, and has gained the preliminary innovation and development results.

1. Culture + Technology

In the Park Sector, the advantageous industries take the leadership in the city, including culture and art, press and publication, art trade, tourism and leisure, advertising and exhibition, digital copyright, mobile Internet industries, etc. In the future, the information service industry will be developed around the three major fields, i.e. information integration service, content value-added service and smart city, to build clusters of enterprises providing services such as mobile data communication, digital content, digital media, software service, scientific and technological consultation, and knowledge intellectual property services.

2. Culture + Finance

The Park Sector gathers a group of cultural financial enterprises such as Beijing Cultural Technology Financing. Guarantee Co., Ltd., Bank of Hangzhou Beijing Branch and Huazhang Dongxin Culture Development Group. In the future, it will build a channel between the cultural industry and the financial industry, to make comprehensive use of financial instruments such as credit, trust, funds, guarantees, and insurance, thus to build clusters of enterprises devoting themselves to traditional financial market, emerging financial market and capital factor market, etc.

3. Culture + Sports

It will actively develop the sports health service industry by taking the opportunity of the Beijing 2022 and the sports industry development and taking the Longtan Lake National Sports Industry Demonstration Base as a carrier, to actively promote the integrated development of sports and culture, science and technology, health, finance and the Internet, and create clusters of enterprises engaged in sports event operations and settlement, sports media, sports intermediaries, sports technology innovation, sports rehabilitation, Internet + sports and other sports health service industries.

4. Culture + Block

It uses old factory buildings to develop cultural and creative industries. On the basis of 19 Hutong creative factories such as J Cazenove Impression and The Oriental Innovation Valley, it combines ancient capital style protection, ancient city transformation and refined urban management initiatives with the development of "sophisticated" industries, to create a characteristic and livable cultural block and form a new mode of urban renewal and transformation in combination of development of culture and technology.

5. Culture + Headquarters

The park sector vigorously develops cultural and creative industries such as cultural arts, cultural performance, film and television media, creative design and art trading. There are 161 headquarters-based enterprises that have settled in the park sector, covering energy, information, finance, business, culture and other fields.

6. Culture + Business

It vigorously develops the business service industry, continues to promote the development of e-commerce, guides and improves the quality of commercial buildings, and builds clusters of business service enterprises in fields such as lawyer and law-related business, accounting and auditing, tax and advertising planning.

7. Culture + Incubation

The park sector houses 17 innovative incubation and operation organizations, of which 8 are of national level and 8 are of municipal level. There are 2,284 enterprises under incubation, 55 listed companies in total and 306 growing companies. It has attracted 456 entrepreneurial counseling experts and 162 overseas returnees. The incubated enterprises have obtained 307 authorized invention patents and 709 copyrights, and have brought in 6 talents expert for construction of science and technology innovation center. The innovative incubation and operation institutions have established 11 overseas incubators.

Name of the Management Committee: Management Committee of Dongcheng Park, Zhongguancun Science Park

Contact of the Management Committee: Li Lan

Phone Number of the Management Committee: +86-10-59260100-623