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In October 2012, with the approval of the State Council, Daxing-Yizhuang was established with an area of 98.27 square kilometers and a total of 14 areas including Daxing Biomedical Industrial Base. Daxing Park is dominated by advanced manufacturing, biomedical, mobile communications, new generation display technology and equipment, film and television production, and new energy vehicles, and has four industrial bases, namely Daxing Biomedical, State New Media, New Energy Vehicles, and Military-Civil Integration.

Daxing Biomedical Industrial Base is dominated by biomedicine; the new media industry base mainly develops new media, digital publishing and printing, and modern services; the new energy automobile industry base focuses on automobile parts and new energy vehicles as its pillar industry; the industrial base of military-civilian integration is regarded as the "National New Industrial Demonstration Base", focusing on the development of the headquarters economy and high-end R & D.

At present, Daxingyuan has gathered more than 340 high-tech enterprises, among them Yiling Pharmaceutical, Minhai Biotechnology and Beijing Beiqi Mould&Plastic Technology. 

Preliminary statistics show that in 2018, the total income of Daxing Park's enterprises was 70.00 billion yuan, and its total profit was 7.31 billion yuan. Next, Daxing Park will focus on developing industries such as medical health (biological medicine, high-end medical equipment), digital creativity (digital audio and video, cultural creativity), and actively foster urban science and technology (smart logistics, smart cities) industries.

The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone was built in 1992 and is the only national economic and technological development zone in Beijing. In 1999, the municipal government decided that 700 hectares of the Economic and Technological Development Zone would be Yizhuang Park of the Zhongguancun Science Park, and would enjoy the dual policies of the national economic and technological development zone and the national high-tech industrial park. In 2000, the Office of Organization Setup Committee of Beijing decided that the development zone management committee and the Yizhuang Park management committee would work together.

To date, Yizhuang Park has formed four leading industries involving Electronic information, biological medicine, automotive manufacturing, equipment manufacturing; three emerging industries involving new energy materials, military and civilian integration, and cultural creativity; three supporting industries involving productive services, scientific and technological innovation services, and urban industries; and ten industrial clusters of high-end quality, high-efficiency and broad focus.

At present, the park has gathered more than 840 high-tech enterprises led by Beijing Mercedes-Benz, SMIC, BOE and RFMD. 

Preliminary statistics showed that in 2018 the total income of the park's enterprises was 555.00 billion yuan, and their total profit was 55.01 billion yuan. Next, the park will mainly develop industries such as a new generation of information technology (integrated circuits, software and information services), new energy smart cars, pharmaceutical health (biomedical, high-end medical devices), and intelligent equipment, and actively foster industries of scientific and technological services, new energy, and energy conservation and environmental protection.