First Chinese Humanoid Robot Industry Conference Kicks off in Beijing

The inaugural Chinese Humanoid Robot Industry Conference and Embodied AI Summit was held in Beijing on April 9, attended by more than 1,200 industrial stakeholders and practitioners. More than 30 companies gathered in the two exhibition areas to showcase their newest technologies and products, presenting the new updates and trends of the development of the humanoid robot industry.


Unitree Robotics releases China's first full-size general-purpose humanoid robot that can run.


Participants are watching a robotic hand.

The Research Report on Humanoid Robot Industry was released at the opening ceremony. According to the report, China's market scale of the humanoid robot industry is predicted to reach CNY 2.76 billion in 2024 and CNY 75 billion by 2029, making up 32.7 percent of the global market and placing China at the top among the countries around the world. The market scale is also expected to reach CNY 300 billion by 2035.


An exhibitor is introducing a robot dog.


A humanoid robot is showcasing its "flexibility".

The "Leaderobot 2024 Chinese Humanoid Robot Industry Selection" was introduced at the opening ceremony, dividing the humanoid robot industry chain into three categories with ten awards. Along with the introduction of the official WeChat account "Humanoid Robot Release", the list of the most recommended entities for investment in the humanoid robot industry and the list of exceptional suppliers of the humanoid robot industry were also released.


An ultra-lightweight humanoid robotic arm is on display.

During the two-day-long conference, attendees released keynote reports and engaged in roundtable discussions on trending subjects such as the advancement of the relevant technologies, business potential, key core components, and layout of the industry chain of the humanoid robot industry, as well as artificial intelligence and embodied AI.

(Source: The Beijing News)