Spectator Guide for Dragon Boat Race in BJ


If you are interested in the upcoming Dragon Boat Race in Tongzhou, Beijing, be sure to check out this spectator guide for all the details.

Event Information

On June 10, from 9:00 to 12:00, the 2024 Beijing Dragon Boat Race will take place in Beijing Municipal Administrative Center (BMC). 

Location: Qianhexielu Bridge - Dongguan Bridge section of the Grand Canal, Tongzhou District

Race: Mixed 200m Straight Race (25 teams)

Best Watching Spot: Canal Cultural Square (No. 1, 2 and 3 watching spots) 

Beijing Dragon Boat Race has been held continuously for 15 sessions since 2009, attracting dragon boat enthusiasts across Beijing, with the maximum of participants having reached over 500. Competitors include community residents, employees from various enterprises, students from universities/colleges, international participants, and more. It stands as the city's largest public dragon boat event for fitness.

Time to marvel at another dragon boat race

by the Grand Canal in Tongzhou District

for this year's Dragon Boat Festival.

Source: Official sports-themed WeChat account of BMC "Tong Tong Lai Yun Dong"