Meet Dunhuang's Beauty in an Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in Beijing
An exhibition titled "Everlasting Beauty of Dunhuang: Exhibition of Chang Shana's 80 Years of Art and Design" was recently launched at the China National Arts and Crafts Museum - China Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum. Many citizens visit the museum to capture the beauty of Dunhuang art.


Tourists visiting the exhibition

The exhibition features over 400 items, showcasing representative works, including mural reproductions, sketches of flowers, and architectural decorative patterns created in the past 80-year career of Chang Shana, an expert in Dunhuang art and crafts design research, along with her letters, manuscripts, and other precious exhibits.

Citizens can also explore the intangible cultural heritage-themed hand-made experience area to learn to copy murals created with the techniques of Dunhuang stone powder painting.

The exhibition is scheduled to run until October 27, 2024.

(Source: Beijing Daily)