New Plays to Be Staged in Beijing

In mid-May, fantastic performances will be staged at major theaters in Beijing. Don't forget to mark them down on your calendar!

Li Bai (Dance Drama)

This dance drama tells the story of Li Bai, a renowned Chinese poet during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It features the vivid portrayal of this passionate, talented poet with a lofty spirit by selecting several milestones of his life to unveil his inner world.

Time: May 17-18

Venue: Theatre of Beijing Exhibition Centre


Teahouse (Peking Quju Opera)

This opera is adapted from the renowned drama of the same name by Lao She, a Chinese novelist and dramatist. The play focuses on the rise and fall of a teahouse in Peking, showing the historical changes China experienced from the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to the victorious period after the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45), as well as the diverse fate of people from various social backgrounds.

Time: May 16-18

Venue: Beijing Tianqiao Theatre


Will (Drama)

This production is an original play about the life of William Shakespeare, interweaving key events in this legendary playwright's lifespan with his works.

Time: May 18-19

Venue: Beijing Performing Arts Centre


Wing Chun (Dance Drama)

This dance drama combines martial arts techniques from five major kung fu schools -- Wing Chun, Tanglang Quan (Praying Mantis), Bagua Zhang, Baji Quan, and Tai Chi -- with the characteristics of classical and contemporary dances. It will be a visual feast of the traditional Chinese martial arts by showcasing eye-catching fighting skills through dances.

Time: May 23-25

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts


Snow White (Children's Puppet Show)

This show is presented by live actors/actresses with hand puppets through puppetry, presenting a wonderful fairyland filled with enchantment to the audience.

Time: May 19

Venue: China Puppet Art Theatre


Source: Wechat official account "Wenlv Beijing"