Bird Control Actions by Capital Airport

The improving ecological environment of Beijing has enticed migratory birds to choose it as a resting place. The airspace above Beijing Capital International Airport serves as one of the migratory pathways for birds. However, their presence can pose a significant threat to the airport's airspace security. Even a minor oversight could result in bird strikes, jeopardizing flight safety.

In 2019, the airport pioneered the use of raptors to drive away birds over the airport, leveraging the advantageous predatory nature of these birds which are at the top of the avian food chain. At present, one can often find staff members carrying raptors for operations around the airport runways.


Two staff members, accompanied by raptors, are on duty alongside descent lanes.


The staff members employ a special method to use Eurasian goshawks for bird control within manageable ranges.


A staff member is equipping an Eurasian hobby with GPS to ensure it flies within safe zones.


An Eurasian hobby is repelling other birds.


An Eurasian goshawk that has just "finished work" is resting in its room, waiting its trainer to provide it with delicious food.

The airport does not rely solely on raptors for bird control. Optimizing and improving grass species is also an effective method. To manage birds' activities in the flight zone and disrupt their food supply, the lawn heights of the airport are kept strictly below 30 centimeters while the grass species are being gradually replaced.


The staff members are cleaning up water plants.

An intelligent bird monitoring system has been installed at the airport. This system can recognize bird species and assess the level of threat, subsequently activating on-site bird repellent facilities.


The intelligent bird monitoring system shows real-time bird activities.


A staff member is commissioning the equipment that repels birds through sound.

(Source: The Beijing News)