I. Beijing Municipal Education Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Education Commission) is a bureau-level constituent authority of the Municipal Government. Affiliated to it are the Beijing Municipal Language Affairs Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Language Affairs Commission) and the Education Supervision Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Education Supervision Office), which are under the centralized leadership of the Education Committee of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. 

II. The Municipal Education Commission implements the guidelines, policies, decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee on the undertaking of education and relevant work requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, and adheres to and strengthens the unified leadership of the Party on the undertaking of education in the course of performing its duties. The Commission's main functions are:

1. Implementing the State laws, rules and regulations, policies on the state on education, promoting the administration of education according to the law, drawing up the drafts of relevant local laws and regulations and government regulations of Beijing Municipality, and studying and formulating the policies on education reform and development and supervising the implementation thereof. Organizing the preparation of plans for the development of education, drawing up the special plans for educational facilities in conjunction with relevant authorities, and organizing the implementation thereof. 

2. Planning, coordinating and guiding the work on education in Beijing Municipality. Administering preschool education, basic education, secondary vocational education, higher education and other types of education in a unified manner. Being responsible for pushing forward a balanced development of the compulsory education and promoting fairness in education. Being responsible for establishing education-related standard systems at all levels and of various types, and organizing the implementation thereof. Being responsible for the construction of social credit system in the education system. 

3. Guiding the reform of Beijing's education system and the comprehensive education reform in rural areas, enterprises and communities. Promoting the reform and development of vocational education and higher education, and being responsible for collaboration on poverty alleviation and cooperation on assistance in the education system. Deepening the reform of the administration system of municipal institutions of higher learning.  

4. Planning, coordinating and guiding the construction of a learning-oriented society and life-long learning service system in Beijing Municipality. 

5. Being responsible for examining and approving the establishment, alteration and termination of schools and other educational institutions and projects run by the state or by social organizations or individuals other than state institutions, and performing supervisory duties in accordance with its administration authority. Administering the discipline setup of municipal institutions of higher learning. Administering degree and discipline construction and cultivation of postgraduates. Coordinating and administering the institutions of higher learning affiliated to the central ministries or commissions in Beijing Municipality. 

6. Formulating the setup and school running standards for secondary and lower level education schools in Beijing, and drawing up the basic requirements and basic documents for teaching. Organizing the compilation of teaching materials for secondary and lower level education schools, and examining and approving local teaching materials for basic education. 

7. Studying the reform of examination and enrollment, formulating the policies for the reform of admission examination and evaluation system and the enrollment plans for higher education, secondary education and postgraduate education of Beijing Municipality, and being responsible for the organization and management of examinations. Being responsible for administering the status of students of secondary education or above in Beijing. Being responsible for handling complaints from students in institutions of higher learning in Beijing. 

8. Participating in putting together employment policies for graduates of Beijing's institutions of higher learning and organizing the implementation thereof, and promoting the reform of the employment system for graduates of institutions of higher learning. Guiding Beijing's institutions of higher learning to carry out work concerning the employment, entrepreneurship and conscription of higher education students. 

9. Administering and guiding the ideological, political and moral education in Beijing's basic education schools, and guiding the physical, health, art, manual work and national defense education in schools of various categories and at all levels. Coordinating and guiding the social practice and after-school education of all kinds of students. 

10. Planning and guiding the research of natural sciences, philosophy and social sciences in institutions of higher learning in Beijing. Organizing Beijing's institutions of higher learning to undertake major national and municipal scientific research projects. Guiding the development and construction of science and technology innovation platforms in Beijing's institutions of higher learning. Guiding the application of information technology on education and the integration of industries, institutions of higher learning and research institutes. Being responsible for the network information security, technical guidance and guarantee work in the education system. 

11. Making overall planning and organizing the implementation of educational supervision work in Beijing, and formulating rules, systems and implementation plans for education supervision and evaluation. Organizing the supervision and inspection of the implementation of relevant laws, rules and regulations on education. Monitoring the implementation of compulsory education, supervising and inspecting the quality of education and teaching and the balanced development of compulsory education. 

12. Being responsible for monitoring the development and quality of education at all levels and of all categories in Beijing Municipality, as well as supervising and evaluating the operation status of schools at all levels and of all categories and types and the level of education and teaching. Supervising and evaluating the education work of the district governments. Guiding the relevant district and municipal authorities to carry out educational supervision work. Investigating and studying the major issues in education work, evaluating the implementation effect of education policies, and putting forward reports and suggestions. Being responsible for releasing supervision reports. 

13. Being responsible for coordinating and guiding the personnel management and the reform of personnel system in the education system of Beijing Municipality. Participating in the formulation of the establishment standards for schools at all levels and of all categories run by the state. Taking charge of the work concerning teachers, and guiding the construction of teachers and administrative staff teams in the education system. Coordinating the construction of teachers' ethics and morality, and being responsible for the work concerning the teachers' ethics and morality in basic education. Being responsible for the accreditation of qualification of teachers in Beijing. Administering educational social organizations. 

14. Formulating municipal policies on raising educational funds and investment in educational infrastructure cohesively with relevant authorities. Being responsible for the overall coordination and administration of the educational infrastructure investment and educational funds at the municipal level and the education assistance and education loans from foreign countries. Administering the state-owned educational assets and educational infrastructure projects at the municipal level. Being responsible for coordinating the construction of higher education parks. Supervising the implementation of education budget. Studying, preparing and adjusting educational charging policies and criteria. 

15. Planning and guiding the logistics and reform of logistics in schools at all levels and of all categories in Beijing Municipality. Coordinating and organizing all districts and relevant authorities to improve the environment of school campuses and surrounding areas, and maintaining the normal order of schools. 

16. Being responsible for the international cooperation and exchange in the education system of Beijing, and carrying out exchange and cooperation on education with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Guiding the work concerning international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Guiding the international education of Chinese language. Being responsible for the examination, approval and related management of Chinese-foreign cooperative running of schools and schools for children of foreigners, as well as the registration and daily management of schools for children of personnel of foreign diplomatic missions in China. Being responsible for the examination, supervision and guidance of the establishment of overseas non-governmental organizations for education. Being responsible for the examination and supervision of the Chinese-foreign cooperative education examinations held in Beijing. Being responsible for the acceptance of applications from teachers and students to study abroad funded by the state.

17. Planning and guiding the educational scientific research, educational teaching research and the development of modern information technology in Beijing Municipality. Being responsible for the standardization of spoken and written languages.  

18. Being responsible for the safety management of the education system in Beijing. Being responsible for the safety of all kinds of activities organized in the name of the Municipal Education Commission. 

19. Performing other tasks assigned by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government.