I. Implementing the laws, regulations, rules and policies of the state on the administration of public finance, financial affairs and accounting and supervising the implementation thereof. Drawing up the drafts of relevant local laws and regulations and government regulations of Beijing Municipality. 

II. Formulating the fiscal development plans, and reform schemes of the municipality, and organizing the implementation thereof. Analyzing and forecasting the income of Beijing Municipality, participating in the formulation of major economic policies, and putting forward suggestions on the use of fiscal and taxation policies to regulate the economic operation and comprehensively balance the financial resources of Beijing Municipality. Working out and implementing distribution policies between the municipality and the districts, between the state and enterprises, and improving fiscal and taxation policies to encourage the development of public welfare undertakings. 

III. Being responsible for administering municipal fiscal revenues and expenditures. Preparing the draft of annual budgets and final accounts and organizing the implementation thereof. Organizing the formulation of criteria and quotas on expenditure out of the operating funds, and examining and giving official replies to the annual budgets and final accounts of the authorities (entities). Presenting reports on fiscal budget, the implementation thereof and the final accounts to the Beijing Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee as delegated by the municipality. Improving the transfer payment system. Being responsible for the public release of the budget of the Municipal Government. Being responsible of handling and supervising the spending on economic development of municipal public finance and the fiscal appropriations for investment projects of the municipal government, participating in the formulation of policies relating to the capital construction investment of the municipality, and formulating the financial management system for capital construction. Undertaking the review and administration of budgets. 

IV. Being responsible for organizing the formulation of the drafts of local laws and regulations, government regulations and implementation measures of Beijing Municipality on taxation and the adjustment schemes of taxation policies. Putting forward suggestions on the tariff and import tax policies, and participating in relevant research work in formulating tariff policies. 

V. Being responsible for administering the non-tax revenues of the municipal government according to division of responsibilities. Being responsible for administering governmental funds, and administering administrative fees according to relevant provisions. Administering financial instrument. Formulating policies and relevant measures for the administration of lotteries, and administering the lottery market and the lottery funds according to relevant provisions.

VI. Organizing the formulation of the treasury administration system and the system of centralized collection and payment by the treasury, guiding and supervising the business of municipal treasury, and being responsible for the work relating to treasury cash management. Formulating the preparation methods of government financial report and organizing the implementation thereof. 

VII. Working out the municipal government procurement policy and system and supervising the administration thereof. Being responsible for drawing up the quotas for vehicles used for administrative law enforcement and vehicles used for special professional technology. 

VIII. Implementing the rules and policies for the administration of government's domestic debts. Formulating the rules and measures for the administration of the debts of the municipal government. Drawing up the plans for the balance and quota of the debts of the district governments. Formulating the measures of the government to prevent debt risks according to laws and regulations. Administering the loan business of foreign governments and international financial organizations to Beijing Municipality. Performing the supervision and administration of the financial institutions in Beijing Municipality. 

IX. Taking the lead in the preparation of the report on the management of state-owned assets. Performing the duties as the state-owned financial capital contributor in a centralized and unified manner according to the authorization of the municipal government. Preparing the rules and systems of administration of state-owned assets of administrative agencies and public institutions and organizing the implementation thereof, and developing spending standards and expenditure policies that are required to be harmonized in the whole city. 

X. Being responsible for examining, compiling and formulating the drafts of budgets and final accounts for the operation of state-owned capital of the municipality, preparing the rules and measures for state-owned capital operation budgets, and collecting state-owned capital proceeds from the enterprises at municipal level. Organizing the implementation of corporate financial rules, and participating in the preparation of rules relating to the management of state-owned assets in enterprises. Being responsible for administering the non-trade foreign exchange of administrative agencies, public institutions and social groups that are within the fiscal budgets. 

XI. Being responsible for examining, compiling and preparing the budget and final accounts of the municipal social insurance funds, formulating financial management rules for relevant funds in conjunction with relevant authorities, undertaking the fiscal supervision over social insurance funds, and undertaking the work relating to the administration of the social security fund of Beijing Municipality. 

XII. Being responsible for administering the accounting work throughout Beijing Municipality, supervising and regulating the accounting behaviors, implementing national uniform accounting rules, guiding and supervising the businesses of certified public accountants and accounting firms, and guiding and administering social audits. Administering the work relating to asset appraisal according to the law. 

XIII. Being responsible for the full implementation of budget performance management, studying and improving the system of financial expenditure performance evaluation of Beijing Municipality. Reporting the major issues in the administration of fiscal revenues and expenditures. Putting forward policy recommendations to strengthen fiscal administration. 

XIV. Performing other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.