81 Royal Jewelry Pieces of Napoleon Debut in Beijing


On March 30, the exhibition "Meet Napoleon: The Disappeared Palaces" was launched at the Meet You Museum 798 Art Zone in Beijing.

81 precious cultural artifacts from the palaces of the Napoleonic era are on display in the exhibition, documenting the romance and legendary life of the larger-than-life Napoleon and his wife, Joséphine. These French national treasures include sculptures, oil paintings, furnishings, and ornaments, which Napoleon and Joséphine used.


A visitor stops in front of Napoleon's bust.

Visitors can "enter" the French imperial residences in a single step thanks to multimedia digital technology's reproduction of the spectacular scenes of the Tuileries, Château de Saint-Cloud, and Château de Meudon.

The fractured bust of Napoleon, which shows him wearing a laurel crown, symbolizing military success, is the most historically significant exhibit. The statue's fractures and burn marks reveal the myth of the Napoleonic Empire.


The tapestry shows the First French Empire's coat of arms, with a golden eagle clutching lightning and victory-signifying laurel branches arranged behind the cloak.

It is reported that in March, Meet You Museum in 798 Art Zone houses "Titian and the Renaissance: Masterpieces of European Art in 500 Years", including 59 masterpieces of Titian, Raphael, etc., through 500 years in Europe. 

Source: The Beijing News