'Charming Beijing' Cultural Exchange Event Held During Vivid Sydney


On July 14 (GMT+10), the "Charming Beijing" Cultural Exchange Event was held as part of Vivid Sydney, a celebration of lights and music, at the Chinese Garden of Friendship in central Sydney. The event featured part of the works by Chinese and Australian teenagers for the 2023 "Colourful World" International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition, which were selected by Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Three teenagers who won awards were invited from Brisbane and Melbourne to Sydney to attend the event. It is reported that the selected paintings will also be exhibited at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney following this event.


In the evening on June 14 (GMT+10), the "Charming Beijing" Cultural Exchange Event hosted by the Information Office of Beijing Municipality was held at Vivid Sydney, the largest international cultural event in Oceania. The Chinese Garden of Friendship in central Sydney, as the venue of the event, is a symbol of the friendship between China and Australia. Apart from the exhibition of paintings, various other sub-events were launched, including the Beijing-style light displays and the China-chic new folk music performances. More than 100 guests from China and Australia attended this event.

Vivid Sydney has a history of 13 years, and it is one of the top light art festivals around the globe. This year, the "Charming Beijing" event series and Vivid Sydney teamed up for the first time. The event that night featured a light display, interactive experiences based on intangible cultural heritage items, an exhibition of Beijing Gifts, folk music performances, an exhibition of the paintings by Chinese and Australian teenagers, etc. The event showed the charm of Beijing and conveyed the greetings from China. The awarded paintings selected from the 2023 "Colorful World - World Cultural Heritage" International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition demonstrated how the cultures were pictured by these young artists from the two countries.

(Source: Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries)