Twelve Pleasant Things to Do in Xicheng

Go Boating

Early summer is the best time to go boating on lakes. Choose either Beihai Park or Shichahai for a leisurely afternoon. You'll even catch a beautiful sunset if you're lucky enough.

Overlook the Capital

When you climb up to Wanchun Pavilion in Jingshan Park, you will see the ancient buildings with red walls and yellow tiles and the high-rise buildings in the distance complement each other.

Relax in a Park

Find a quiet pavilion in Taoranting Park and listen to the sound of flowing water, and your mood will become peaceful.

Go Shopping

Choose a restaurant in Xidan to have a good meal with friends. And if you're lucky, you may encounter a free show or participate in a lucky draw at a shopping mall.

Stroll in a Hutong

A must-go place in Xicheng District is Lanman Hutong. With a romantic atmosphere, this old hutong will give you surprises, such as cute cats sleeping under the sun, or a coffee shop that would make a nice picture.

Taste Delicacies

It's a good start to explore the city with authentic local snacks. On weekends and holidays, try the beef and mutton dishes as well as various Chinese pastries and snacks along Niujie Street.

Take Snapshots

Xicheng is home to Shichahai, the White Dagoba and other scenic spots. You can enjoy a cup of coffee on the sightseeing platform on a rooftop, and take photos of the views that will definitely gain popularity on social media platforms.

Say Hi to Adorable Animals

Have a happy day with cute animals at Beijing Zoo, especially the giant panda named "Meng Lan", also known as the "3rd Prince of Xizhimen" as he is the third child of his parents and lives at the zoo near Xizhimen.

Experience Folk Culture

You can watch folk performances featuring traditional Beijing styles in Tianqiao, such as xiangsheng (crosstalk), pingshu (storytelling), shuanghuang (double act) and jingyun dagu (Beijing-style drum performances).

Appreciate Gemstones

The Geological Museum of China will make all your imagination of jewelry tangible. You can see a variety of gems there, such as sapphire, opal, crystal cat's eye, and mica.

Visit a Bookstore

Immerse yourself in the book, or write something at Zhengyang Bookstore. It’s a great way to slow down in this bustling city.

Enjoy a Romantic Time

If you and your loved one are seeking romantic memories, go to Yangmeizhu Xiejie, a beautiful hutong where you can take pictures and visit distinctive stores together.