2024-03-12  |  


The inaugural ceremony of the School of Outstanding Engineers of Cultural Heritage

[Photo by Li Guijie from the China Youth Daily]

Recently, Beijing Union University has established the School of Outstanding Engineers of Cultural Heritage, marking China's first academic institution within a university dedicated to cultural heritage. The school plans to collaborate closely with leading figures in the fields of cultural relics and museums, introducing "classrooms" at archaeological sites, within cultural and creative enterprises, and at technology companies for cultural relics and museums, to nurture inter-disciplinary talents who will lead the charge in safeguarding and inheriting cultural heritage.

Adopting a "project-based" approach to both student recruitment and training, the school intends to partner with prominent organizations such as the National Center for Archaeology, the Beijing Institute of Archaeology, the School of Archaeology and Museology at Peking University. This collaboration will establish a diverse teaching team that spans various departments, disciplines, and sectors to facilitate a holistic training program.

(Source: Beijing Daily)