Come and Enjoy Sea of Roses at These Places in Beijing!

In May, the roses are in full bloom in Beijing. Come to these niche popular photo spots to immerse yourself in the sea of roses!

Olympic Forest Park

Walking out from the east gate of the Olympic Forest Park's north area, you can head northward from the Yangshan Bridge on Anli Road and turn west at the park's northeast corner along the Qinglin Road. You can see the fences along the way all covered with roses, making it a spectacular "wall of roses" in Beijing.

 North Luogu Lane(Bei Luo Gu Xiang)


[Photo via Beijing Tourism]

In the North Luogu Lane, which sits across the street from the famous South Luogu Lane (Nan Luo Gu Xiang), there is a "wall of roses" at the corner, prompting passersby to pause and capture the romance of early summer.

 Beijing Zoo

In May, the most fascinating sight at the Beijing Zoo's Waterfowl Lake is the "wall of roses" around the waters, where small pink and purple flowers lend the lake water a romantic atmosphere of early summer.

 Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park

 Stepping into the Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park near the North 3rd Ring Road in Beijing, you'll be overwhelmed by a stunning "wall of roses" in May. If you haven't fully enjoyed yourself taking photos in the park, you may be offered another chance by the blooming roses across the street on the south gate wall of the University of International Business and Economics.

 Beijing Garden Expo Park


[Photo via VCG]


[Photo via VCG]

The roses of Beijing Garden Expo Park are at their best viewing period again. The kilometer-long pink flower wall is a romance embodiment. Strolling along the river dike, you'll smell the fragrance of flowers in the breeze. Every snap you take is super impressive.

Langyuan Vintage 

Located in Beijing CBD, Langyuan Vintage is a popular spot for many fashion icons and young artists. The ivy facades, red brick walls, and artistic landscapes can be seen everywhere in the park, and the "wall of roses" is another must-visit spot.

If you know any other good places to enjoy roses, please share them with us in the comments section!

 (Source: Official WeChat account of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism)