"City Walk" has got more destinations. The 2023 list of the Top Ten 'Most Beautiful Streets and Alleys in Beijing' has been officially released, ten streets and alleys were selected including Zhonglouwan Hutong, Liuyin Street, and the garden-like Wenhuiyuan Road.

1. Dongbuyaqiao Hutong, Dongcheng District


Dongbuyaqiao Hutong spans a total length of 591.3 meters. This hutong comprises a cluster of traditional quadrangle, along with historical sites like the ancient course of the Jade River and the Jade River Nunnery near the south entrance on the west side of the hutong.

2. Xicaoshi Street, Dongcheng District


Xicaoshi Street lies close to the southern Central Axis. Its northern section is home to the century-old "Opera Costume Street", while the southern section is dominated by residential buildings.

3. Zhonglouwan Hutong, Dongcheng District


Zhonglouwan Hutong is situated at the base of the ancient Bell and Drum Towers, adjacent to the Cultural Plaza of the Bell and Drum Towers. It also features convenient facilitie like the elderly care center.

4. Lanman Hutong, Xicheng District


Lanman Hutong, approximately 330 meters long, has been enhanced the spatial quality with greenery and urban furniture that symbolize auspicious meanings in traditional Beijing style.

5. Liuyin Street, Xicheng District


Liuyin Street is a nationally renowned model street for "Double Support" and co-construction, where landscape and humanistic elements are  well-integrated to present a unique charm.

6. West Street of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chaoyang District


In the theme of "Aesthetics Pathway", Yangmei West Street connects four functional zones, which includes the Cultural Exhibition Zone, Leisure and Entertainment Zone, Event Stage Zone, and Waiting and Service Zone.

7. Wenhuiyuan Road, Haidian District


Wenhuiyuan Road, drawing upon landmarks such as the China Film Archive and the "Xiao Xi Tian" archway, has been transformed into four themed sections: the contemporary section, the community section, the film-centric section, and the gateway section.

8. Beiyuan North Road, Tongzhou District


Beiyuan North Road now features two new street-side rest parks and a three-dimensional green wall. The northern end of the road has been enhanced with leisurely pavilions and resting chairs, along with the creation of 'micro pocket gardens'.

9. Changsheng Street, Changping District


Changsheng Street, originally known as Jieshan Road, which has a history of over 600 years. Today, the street is constructed with 600 hollowed red bricks, forming the characters '介山(Jie Shan)', echoing the origin of Jieshan community.

10. North Street of Yongning Ancient Town, Yanqing District


The entrance to Yongning North Street has been adorned with sculptures reflecting Yanqing's regional cultural features. Additionally, the area is complemented by three nearby pocket parks, catering to the public's needs for leisure, fitness, and entertainment.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)