Shougang Winter Olympics Plaza Is Creating a High-quality Green Space
Shougang Winter Olympics Plaza is situated in the northwest part of the Industry-themed Park of the New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park. With a gross floor area of 88,000 square meters, it previously served as the office space for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.
The plaza integrates a modern and creative office space, a mixed-use area for commercial purposes and exhibitions, and a green public area, providing a comprehensive solution to meet the daily work and lifestyle needs of corporate headquarters.
The plaza has undergone a transformation according to the international quality standards of the Winter Olympics, and obtained the China's 3-star Green Building Label. In 2019, it received the prestigious LEED Platinum certification, which is considered the "Academy Award" in the green building industry.
Nowadays, the plaza is a garden-style office park that serves corporate headquarters, enabling efficient business operations while also providing access to a lovely ecosystem. Companies located here can benefit from both the practicality of this modern office space as well as its world-class natural environment and supporting facilities.
(Source: WeChat Official Account "Beijing Shijingshan")