If you are changing to a new employer, but the job position (occupation) is unchanged and your work permit is still in effect, you should first cancel the existing work permit. Subsequently, you should apply for a new work permit within 3 months from the date of cancellation.

1. "Foreigner's Work Permit" Application Form

After filling in the online form and printing a hard copy, the applicant should sign the (photocopied or faxed) form, have it affixed with their employer's authorizing department's official seal, and upload it to the system. Original copy is required, either in hard or soft copy.

Note: The employer's official seal includes the legal name seal, as well as the official seals of foreign affairs, personnel affairs, or labor contract administration institutions that have been registered in the system for authorization.

2. An employment contract or certificate of employment (including dispatch letters from transnational companies). An unaltered contract in Chinese should be provided, signed by the applicant and stamped with the employer's official seal. The representative office must upload the copy. Original copy is required, either in hard or soft copy.

Note: Employment contracts and employment certificates (including dispatch letters from transnational corporations) must include: work location, job description, wages or salary, duration of employment, position, and the seal (signature). The employment certificate is applicable to any personnel (i) who implements agreements and treaties between governments and international organizations; (ii) who is the chief representative or representative of various offices in China; (iii) who is an overseas contract service provider. The dispatch letter is applicable when the head offices of transnational corporations or regional headquarters dispatch senior management or professional technical personnel from overseas to serve in domestic subsidiaries or branch offices. Dispatch letters must be issued by the head office of the transnational corporation or the regional headquarters. If the aforementioned content is absent from employment certificates (including dispatch letters), additional certifying material (affixed with official seals) should be provided as a supplement. In the case that a transnational corporation's regional headquarters in China dispatch senior management or professional technical personnel from overseas to serve in domestic subsidiaries or branch offices, the dispatch letter and the employment contract signed by the regional headquarters in China should be submitted.

3. Information page of the applicant's passport or international travel document. 1 original copy in hard or soft copy.

Note: The passport has to be valid for no less than 6 months.

4. Information page of valid working residence permit held by the applicant. 1 original copy in hard or soft copy.

5. One passport-style photo of the applicant taken within the past six months (no caps/hats should be worn).

The photo must have been taken within the past 6 months, with a white background and without borders. The applicant's facial features should be seen clearly. The photo must be clear and free of spots, flaws or ink defects. It must be made into a JPG document in the size range of 40K-120k, with a resolution no lower than 354(W)x472(H) pixels but no higher than 420(W)x560(H), and in 24-bit true color. 1 original copy in soft copy. Hats or headscarves are not recommended; however, if the applicant has to wear these for religious reasons, please ensure that they do not cover the entire face.

6. Documents certifying the cancellation of any work permits that the applicant has held within the validity period. 1 original copy in hard or soft copy.

7. Other materials.

1. All hard copy documents and documents translated into Chinese must be uploaded electronically in original color to the service system for foreigners working in China http://fwp.safea.gov.cn/.

2. All non-Chinese certification materials must be provided along with Chinese translations and stamped with the official seal of the employer (except for  passports or international travel certificates). The receiving authority or the decision-making authority may require the employer to submit a corrected version if there are any serious discrepancies between the Chinese translations and the original documents.

After obtaining the online pre-approval, please make an appointment in the system and bring along your original application materials for on-site processing:

Foreign high-end talents (Class A) do not have to make any appointments and can bring along the original materials for on-site processing.

High-Level Foreign Talents (Class A) selected for the “Talent Recruitment Programme” can apply for a work permit online.

1. Beijing Overseas Talents Center (Beijing Foreign Experts and Foreigners Employment Affairs Center)

Address: No.1, Xisanhuan South Road, Fengtai District(Island A, Floor3, Beijing Municipal Government Service Center)

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00; 13:30-17:00

Telephone Number:(8610)89150841; (8610)89150842

2. Chaoyang Human Resources Public Service Center (Note: Only enterprises registered in Chaoyang District may apply at this center.)

Address: Tower A, Building 15, Courtyard 5, Jiangtai Road

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-11:40; 13:00-16:40

Telephone Number:(8610)57596100

3. Haidian Human Resources Public Service Center (Note: Only enterprises registered in Haidian District may apply at this center.)

Address: No. 73, Xisihuan North Road, Haidian District (Second Floor, Zhongguancun Human Resources Development Center, Haidian District, Human Resources Service Center)

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00; 13:30-17:00

Telephone Number:(8610)68940680

4. Shunyi District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (Note:Only  enterprises registered in Shunyi District may apply at this bureau.)

Address: No. 16, Cangshang Street, Shunyi District (East Hall, Floor 3, Shunyi Human Resources and Social Security Bureau)

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-11:40; 13:30-16:40

Telephone Number:(8610)89446673

5. Tongzhou District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (Note: Only enterprises registered in Tongzhou District may go here for application.)

Address: First Floor, Tower A, Tongzhou Park, Beijing Human Resources Service Industrial Park, Building 1, Yard 11, Xinhua East Street, Tongzhou District

Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:30-12:00; 13:00-17:00

  • Points for Attention
  • Timeline and Fees

1. Those who have changed employers should cancel their current work permit and apply for a new one within three months of the date of cancellation.

2. If the applied position is the same as the one approved under the previous work permit, the certificate of work qualifications does not need to be submitted. If not, the current work permit should be cancelled followed by an application for a new work permit .

3. High-level Foreign Talents shall provide relevant certifying materials in accordance with the classification criteria for foreigners working in China. The applicant shall sign the form and affix the official seal of the employer, and agree to the work permit-granting body to conduct supplementary investigations where necessary.

4. Applicants ranked as High-level Foreign Talents based on the scoring system still have to provide:

(i) the corresponding annual salary (For the first work permit application, a letter of commitment on annual salary should be submitted. When it comes to renewal or cancellation, a corresponding individual income tax record and a screenshot of a list of details about individual tax payments of the natural person should be submitted and affixed with an official seal),

(ii) the highest degree (academic qualification) obtained

(iii) vocational qualifications

(iv) work experience

(v) annual working hours

(vi) Chinese proficiency (HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Certificate)

(vii) work experience in the world's top 500 companies

(viii) patents and other documents contributing to the applicant's score.

5. During re-application, the applicant who has obtained the Foreigner's Work Permit is not required to resubmit the highest degree certificate again (the system can locate the corresponding certification materials which have been uploaded). If an applicant is relocating to this city without an existing work permit, the applicant shall submit the notarized degree (original copy) and a translation copy (affixed with official seal).

6. If a High-level Foreign Talent(Class A) applies for a different position (occupation) from that previously held, the applicant should submit a certificate of work qualification.

7. Any applicant who has changed their nationality since applying must re-apply for the Foreigner's Work Permit.

8. A foreign language teacher should be engaged in the teaching of their native language, and have obtained a bachelor's degree or above with at least two years' experience in language education. He or she who (i) has a bachelor's degree or above in education, language, or pedagogy, or (ii) has obtained a teacher qualification certificate in the host country, or (iii) has obtained any certificates of qualification for international language teaching such as the TEFL certificate, may be exempted from submitting a certificate of work experience.

9. Internal staff transfer within multinational companies' (MNC) regional headquarters and corporate groups in China refers to the transfer of senior executives such as managers and professional and technical personnel employed by MNCs' regional headquarters or corporate groups in China in the same positions (including changing to new positions or upgrading from professional positions to administrative positions) between the regional headquarters and its wholly-owned or joint-venture branches and subsidiaries (between the parent company and its member companies or member companies).

After the cancellation of the original work permit, an application for a new work permit shall be submitted within 30 days from the date of cancellation. The foreigner's work permit application form, employment contract (dispatch letter), valid residence permit, passport information page and cancellation certificate shall be submitted. In the case of a change in job positions, relevant work qualification certificates shall be submitted.

10. China's law and regulations stipulate that the approval documents or professional qualification certificates issued by the competent authorities of the industries should be provided. “Approval documents issued by the responsible professional department” include representative certificate, doctor medical license, short-term medical practice license, employment certificate, and receipt forms for the temporary activities of NGOs abroad. “Professional qualification certificates” include chef certificate, coach certificate etc.

11. Those who have obtained global qualification certificates and 60 points in the score-based system for a relevant position can be exempted from submitting a certificate of working experience, but they must have their qualification certificates verified.

Note: Salary will be a supplementary item. If it is an applicant's first work permit application, a letter of commitment on the annual salary should be submitted. When it comes to re-application (including renewal or cancellation), a corresponding individual income tax record and a screenshot of a list of details about individual tax payments of the natural person should be submitted (affixed with an official seal).

12. Except for those relocating from other cities, international talents in our city should bring their previous work permit (the original document) to the processing counter.

Pre-approval period: Three working days (One working day for High-Level Foreign Talents (Class A))

Acceptance period: Five working days

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